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0014088mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2014-12-22 08:24
Assigned Tovboctor 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
Product Version 
Target Version1.3.0-beta.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0014088: Mantis 1.3.0 blocking issues
DescriptionThis is a parent issues for blockers for 1.3.0 release. The bar for issues to become children of this issue is that they should be regressions compared to 1.2.x.
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related to 0016444closedvboctor Remove nusoap in favor of native php soap extension 
related to 0016446closedvboctor Merge MantisConnect configs into MantisBT standard configs 
parent of 0014087closedvboctor Installation script doesn't set the crypto_master_salt causing errors 
parent of 0014086closeddregad Default administrator timezone to server timezone 
parent of 0014089closedvboctor "Operation Successful" notifications are not centered 
parent of 0014090closedvboctor Private are not rendered any differently than public notes 
parent of 0013691closeddregad misspelled XHTML in admin/system_utils.php 
parent of 0014099closeddregad Implement new message format for master branch at translatewiki 
parent of 0013304closeddregad Error handler causes XML Parsing Errors 
parent of 0014119closeddregad Use new MantisBT logo 
parent of 0014217closedvboctor PHP error when attempting to save a filter 
parent of 0014398closeddregad Support for PostgreSQL broken in 1.3 
parent of 0014756closeddregad Sub project always fails at "check_selected" method when calling print_subproject_option_list 
parent of 0014760closedgrangeway Bug Report Text Input Cannot Take Special Characters 
parent of 0014759closeddregad Access Denied Page Has XML Parse Error 
parent of 0015446closeddregad Using allowed html tags in text fields causes XML parse errors 
parent of 0015653closeddregad APPLICATION ERROR 1303 when trying to reopen an issue 
parent of 0016020closeddregad Port Fix of 0011684 to master branch 



atrol (developer)

Last edited: 2012-03-31 09:13

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Regressions or not?



dhx (reporter)

0011684 can probably be considered a regression in 1.3.x because it looks like (from lots of negative feedback on the change) the change will only be possible if we completely rewrite custom field functionality in MantisBT.

I don't consider 0012245 a regression in 1.3.x. This was a navigation element that required JavaScript to work without a fallback mechanism.


dregad (developer)

Not sure if 0013304 really qualifies as "blocking" - but for sure it's annoying.


seyof (reporter)

it's boring and annoying


cisco (reporter)



grangeway (reporter)

Removing sticky issue


rombert (developer)

Reopening, not sure why Paul closed it...


vboctor (manager)

@dergad, it would be great if you can update the team on the progress to address issues identified with "master" and when do you expect to merge back into master. It would be great if everyone is aware of where we are at with this.


vboctor (manager)

I'm using "related to" to identify issues that would ideally be addressed, but are not required. These are lower priority than blocking, but higher priority that just issues with target version set to 1.3. We could switch to target version for these instead. Thoughts?


atrol (developer)

Do we need an issue "Mantis 1.3.0 blocking issues"?
We can set target version to 1.3.x, set severity to "blocking" and store a filter for it.


vboctor (manager)

Works for me.


vboctor (manager)

I've created "Major v1.3 Issues" public filter which shows issues targeted to 1.3.x release, that are not resolved, that has severity of "major" or higher. We should triage the issues showing up there.

I'm closing this issue in favor of the above filter.

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