2015-01-25 07:14 EST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00128253   reportsfeatureassigned (vboctor)2015-01-24Modern graphs using javascript graphing library
  00174606   emailmajorconfirmed2015-01-24Email notifications are sent in batches
  00153055   securityfeatureacknowledged2015-01-24Access control for copy, attach tag, add note
  00192581   custom fieldsminorassigned (syncguru)2015-01-24Custom fields of type date are disabled in filter
  00180572   signupmajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-23Problem with new users signup
  001799341 authenticationmajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-23User creation with captcha broken by fix for issue 0017811
  00117425   bugtrackertweakresolved (dregad)2015-01-23Sort bug notes by date, not by ID
  00180512   documentationminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-22config_inc.php.sample should reflect the defaults (db_username and db_type)
  00180351   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-22Timeline "More events" link should only appear when necessary
  00180341   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-22Number of events in timeline is sometimes less than 50
  00180463   localizationminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-22incorrect french translation of $s_os_version
  00180521   bugtrackerminorresolved (atrol)2015-01-22Afficher les bogues récurrants : => Afficher les bogues récurrents: (right label in french)
  0018036106 featureminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-22My View - Issues not displayed under Current Status Type
  00180491   api soapminorconfirmed2015-01-22Getting errors when accessing SOAP documentation page
  00179208   uiminorassigned (vboctor)2015-01-22Native markdown support
  0013180141 custom fieldsfeatureconfirmed2015-01-22Url template custom field
  00179651   reportstweakresolved (vboctor)2015-01-22"Print Issues" link should be removed from summary page
  0018048    documentationminorconfirmed2015-01-21Installation manual refers to non existent admin/check.php
  0018047    installationblockresolved (atrol)2015-01-21Ohne admin-Ordner (bzw. admin\schema.php) kein Login möglich
  001804531 uiminorconfirmed2015-01-21Changed ordering of fields on View Issues page
  00089875   featurefeatureacknowledged2015-01-20Mantis SEO .htaccess
  0017980121 administrationminorassigned (dregad)2015-01-20manage_user_page php error due to time user creation time in the future
  00180411   signupmajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-20Given wrong mail id during user creation
  00180324   featurefeatureacknowledged2015-01-20New Feature wish: Auto re-assign to category owner on re-open
  00179183   uitweakresolved (syncguru)2015-01-19"More Events" Hyperlink in Timeline is not working
  00180334   emailmajornew2015-01-19Email not triggering status update
  001248412   csvmajorconfirmed2015-01-19CSV and Excel exporting issue...
  0017984102 securityminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-18CVE-2014-9624: CAPTCHA bypass is way easier than it should be
  00082573017 featureminoracknowledged2015-01-18store avatar local
  00127447   uifeaturenew2015-01-18WYSIWYG editor integration
  0012325282 uifeaturenew2015-01-18Adding WYSIWYG editor to text areas
  0004750 1 bugtrackerfeaturenew2015-01-18Add option to sort product version alphabetically
  00125355   otherfeaturenew2015-01-18Would appreciate ability to change names of Profile fields
  00135324   featurefeatureacknowledged2015-01-18Hyperlink users in bugnotes
   00111881   featurefeatureacknowledged2015-01-18make `users should receive emails for their own actions` a user profile option
  00062062   customizationfeaturenew2015-01-18profiles bound to projects
  001282410   webpageminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-17mantisbt.org + CSP + FF4: lots of CSP violations + JavaScript errors
  00173639   authenticationmajorassigned (dregad)2015-01-17Authentication is done using http (non-ssl) and passwords appear in plaintext.
  0018025    administrationtweakresolved (dregad)2015-01-16Installer UI tweaks
  001793811 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-16CVE-2014-9571: XSS in install.php
   00179379   securitymajorassigned (dregad)2015-01-16MantisBT Security Vulnerability Notification (HTB23243)
  001794011 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-16CVE-2014-9573: SQL Injection in manage_user_page.php
  001793911 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-16CVE-2014-9572: Improper Access Control in install.php
  001799751 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-16CVE-2015-1042: URL redirection issue
  001171612   webpageminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-16Your Blog doesn't link to your main page
  001290812   securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-01-15PHP remote code execution in install.php
  00180183   featureminorresolved (dregad)2015-01-15Backport feature "Create Clone access to reporters" to 1.2.x series