2014-12-19 07:09 EST

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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017973custom fields4minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-19Increasing the length for caption for custom field
  0017976custom fields featureresolved (dregad)2014-12-18custom field date with calendar
  0017971ui tweaknew2014-12-17anchor tags don't closed
  0017925email12minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-16Order of notes in email notifications seem to be based on user who triggered the action
  0017828code cleanup minornew2014-12-16Replace '|' usages with appropriate constants
  0011742sql5featureacknowledged2014-12-15Sort bug notes by date, not by ID
  0017966performance1majorconfirmed2014-12-15My View Page takes about 5s to load
  0017747installation4minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-14Timezone errors during install
  0017751bugtracker1minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-14Timezone selection list does not include 'UTC'
  0017962ui majornew2014-12-14Implement auto-complete for reporter field in bug_update_page
  0017577performance1majorassigned (dregad)2014-12-14Improve print_user_option_list() performance
  0017965reports1tweakassigned (vboctor)2014-12-14"Print Issues" link should be removed from summary page
  0017918ui1tweakassigned (syncguru)2014-12-14"More Events" Hyperlink in Timeline is not working
  0017944performance3majorresolved (vboctor)2014-12-14Regression from 1.2.x: slow performance when editing issues
  0017964documentation2textresolved (dregad)2014-12-14Documentation - minor typographical error.
  0017777api soap minornew2014-12-13Add test case for mc_issue_add() and mc_issue_note_add() reporter override
  0017460email majornew2014-12-13Implement a global and generic way of sending e-mail notifications
  0016953email2minorconfirmed2014-12-13Incorrect usage of $s_word_separator
  0003030db mysql4featureconfirmed2014-12-13back slash in search string not escaped
  0017910filters1minorconfirmed2014-12-13MatchType / Hightlight changed expands all filter fields.
  0017852filters minorconfirmed2014-12-13Tags is showing on its own row in filter box
  0017850upgrade minorconfirmed2014-12-13Some invalid text in install.php page
  0017849upgrade6minorconfirmed2014-12-13Salt missing error not very helpful for users
  0017820ui1minorassigned (syncguru)2014-12-13Action buttons on account_manage_columns_page.php are not formatted correctly
  0017816ui7minorassigned (syncguru)2014-12-13Manage - Manage Tags form is missing the 1 pixel horizontal separator
  0016828localization minornew2014-12-13Remove redundant strings
  0016564signup9minorconfirmed2014-12-13Wrong captcha image when using browser back button
  0017961custom fields1minorassigned (vboctor)2014-12-13PHP notice for date custom fields in view / edit issue pages
  0017960performance3majorassigned (vboctor)2014-12-13Don't let crawlers go to edit page
  0017959upgrade minorresolved (vboctor)2014-12-13Upgrade unattended produces a warning
  0004750bugtracker featurenew2014-12-13Add option to sort product version alphabetically
  0006125filters6featureresolved (vboctor)2014-12-13small improvement to search filter
  0010278roadmap1tweakresolved (vboctor)2014-12-13Patch: Modernisation changes to roadmap page
  0017958bugtracker minorresolved (vboctor)2014-12-12Disable admin_checks if admin folder doesn't exist
  0017955change log3majorresolved (dregad)2014-12-12Blank changelog page when size of changelog exceeds a certain threshold
  0006284db mssql4minornew2014-12-11INSERT statement in schema.php - MSSQL Error
  0017484custom fields4minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-11Custom field name not shown
  0017950other1majorresolved (atrol)2014-12-11Unable to Access Mantis link over the Internet
  0017948email2minorresolved (dregad)2014-12-09Number of notes in email notifications is incorrect
  0008381administration6minorconfirmed2014-12-08Setting Configuration Option Fails
  0016932code cleanup minorassigned (rombert)2014-12-08Move functions defined in adm_config_set.php to a core API
  0016931code cleanup minorassigned (rombert)2014-12-08PHPUnit tests for admin config functions
  0016900documentation featureconfirmed2014-12-08Document breaking changes from the 1.2.x stream
  0016851attachments4minornew2014-12-08Downloading, viewing, and checking existence of attachments should get attachment location from db
  0016423installation3minornew2014-12-08Installation process should prompt users to key default configuration information
  0014897plug-ins9featureacknowledged2014-12-08Plugins events features request
  0013180custom fields13featureconfirmed2014-12-08Url template custom field
  0010285bugtracker2minorconfirmed2014-12-08Allow Only Reporters to change the issue status to CLOSED
  0008204filters4minorconfirmed2014-12-08Filters not remembered when clicking through from "My View"