2015-04-17 23:20 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  001294942 plug-insfeaturenew2015-04-17Plugin to forward issue to external mail address
  00111302   attachmentsfeatureresolved (atrol)2015-04-17Add files to notes
  001050473 attachmentsfeatureconfirmed2015-04-17New feature suggestion: Upload file in 'Add Note' ?
  0011131111 featurefeatureresolved (atrol)2015-04-17Auto-Text note
  00196305   code cleanupminornew2015-04-17Config naming conventions
  00195741   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-17Edited Issue's handler is set to blank when user has been demoted
  001254414   ldapminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-16LDAP unavailability causes severe performance problems
  001960652 emailminorassigned (dregad)2015-04-16Numeric References Should Not Transpose Into URL Unless Number = Valid Issue Number
  0019629    bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-16Error handler should catch all known PHP error types
  0017280    emailminorassigned (dregad)2015-04-16Email address validation function strips characters
  00172791   emailminorassigned (dregad)2015-04-16Email addresses validation and parsing is not consistent
  0019628    emailtweakassigned (dregad)2015-04-16Improve logging for email validation
  00168949   emailminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-16Don't allow invalid email addresses (e.g. fred@localhost) to be used when signing up
  00172751   emailminorassigned (dregad)2015-04-16email matching within Mantis should follow html5 standard
  001962721 bugtrackermajoracknowledged2015-04-16Changing status of a bug
  00195421   custom fieldsminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-16Support multi-line default values for memo fields
  00196217   db mysqlminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-16Mantis didn't honour the config_inc.php file
  001962211 bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-04-15Only Resolved Issues getting exported, not the entire list of open, closed and resolved issues from Summary Page
  001961821 emailminorresolved (atrol)2015-04-14Need Help for Sending Message towards email
  00195883   time trackingminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-13Access to "billing_page.php"
  00196091   administrationminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-13function timezone_identifiers_list used before checked for existance. Lead to Fatal error
  00196021   localizationminornew2015-04-11Do we really need 'word_separator' to be localized?
  00195831   securityminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-10$g_crypto_master_salt need more than 16 characters
  00195732   otherminornew2015-04-09Status legend on "My View" page should not depend on last used filter
  0003444266 featurefeatureconfirmed2015-04-09Add user groups to streamline user management
  0019604 1 administrationminorresolved (atrol)2015-04-09How can I move my Custom Fields when Report Issue
  0011385103 custom fieldsfeaturenew2015-04-09Put custom fields on top of the report page (before category)
  001960161 administrationminorresolved (atrol)2015-04-09How classify my account
  001960351 administrationmajorresolved (atrol)2015-04-09Some of my settings do not work
  001958542 administrationminorresolved (atrol)2015-04-09can't alter bugnote_order
  001955031 bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-08After updating an status, `APPLICATION ERROR #1100` appears
  00073104   emailmajorconfirmed2015-04-08no email notification is sent if status are customized
  0019590    attachmentsminoracknowledged2015-04-08Attach via drag-and-drop
  00072882   featureminorresolved (atrol)2015-04-08Add Functionality to paste a screen shot
  001057622 plug-insfeaturenew2015-04-08File uploads by drag & drop and copy & paste
  001201232 plug-insfeaturenew2015-04-08Plugin DragAndDropFileUploadJavaApplet (and required core changes)
  00179192   uiminorassigned (syncguru)2015-04-08Modernize Mantis UI
  00195861   customizationfeatureassigned (community)2015-04-08allow to disable the timeline in the config file
  00195891   attachmentsminorassigned (vboctor)2015-04-08Support adding a note + attachment in one step
  00195871   customizationtweaknew2015-04-08To many styles are hard coded in HTML
  0009406 1 emailmajorassigned (vboctor)2015-04-08custom status field -> no email notification
  00180334   emailmajornew2015-04-07Email not triggering status update
  0019570    custom fieldsminorconfirmed2015-04-07Custom Field - Cannot blank the value
  0019575    uitweakresolved (dregad)2015-04-07Fix layout of Send Reminders page
  001746014   emailblockresolved (dregad)2015-04-05Email notifications are sent in batches
  00195764   securitytextresolved (dregad)2015-04-05Allow admins to disable Content Security Policy
  00146792   securityfeatureresolved (dregad)2015-04-05Support Content-Security-Policy (CSP) per W3C specification