2015-03-01 23:58 EST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00193844   securityminorresolved (atrol)2015-02-27Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  00194006   otherminorresolved (rombert)2015-02-26core/bug_api.php, function create(): this_due_date
  001749392 reportsminorconfirmed2015-02-26Graphs are not working out of the box
  00193994   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-02-25Problem when moving issues with category between projects
  00193981   reportsminorresolved (dregad)2015-02-25Summary graph does not working (unable to read/find font)
  001930181 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-02-24CVE-2015-2046 : XSS in adm_config_report.php (FG-VD-15-008)
  00038744   bugtrackerfeatureacknowledged2015-02-24default view state for projects
  0019393    customizationfeatureresolved (atrol)2015-02-23Config-Parameter for LDAP password saving
  00193851   filtersminoracknowledged2015-02-23filtering custom field show bugs from projects where this custom field has been removed
  0019389    featureminornew2015-02-21default.css affects general html tags without regard to integration of MantisBT into user pages
  00193511   bugtrackerminorresolved (vboctor)2015-02-21Switching projects changes current page to My View page
  00177822   plug-insfeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-02-21New Event: EVENT_MANAGE_VERSION_DELETE
  00138524   webpageminorresolved (vboctor)2015-02-19Mantis slogan / catch phrases
  0013285 1 performanceminorassigned (syncguru)2015-02-19Move script inclusions from HEAD to document footer
  00192653   custom fieldsmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-02-19Assign-To fails when there is a custom field that is required on update
  00193832   webpagemajorresolved (atrol)2015-02-19Adding a note on a bug report fails on Google chrome
  00148414   customizationminoracknowledged2015-02-19Unable to customise fields shown on "change status" pages
  0012458152 api soapminorassigned (rombert)2015-02-19Problem with HTTP_AUTH and Web Services
  00060691   uiminoracknowledged2015-02-19add "print()" js function call in print_bug_page.php to bring up print dialog
  00128901   webpagefeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-02-19mantis-demo: cannot test/reproduce project behavior
  00043904   otherfeaturenew2015-02-19Report in PDF
  00193821   bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-02-19we are not getting email notifications on logging the defect.
  00178269   administrationminorassigned (vboctor)2015-02-19Support disabling per project upload path
  00192711   authorizationminorconfirmed2015-02-19Reporter can't re-open or close issues even if they have access
  001588910   administrationminoracknowledged (dregad)2015-02-18Redirect to default page after password reset
  00148203   reportsminoracknowledged2015-02-18Summary Page graph 'By status' showing more than the statuses in the current workflow
  00193792   administrationtrivialconfirmed2015-02-18Last Updated field changes without having changed anything
  00193781   documentationtextassigned (vboctor)2015-02-17Reflect announcements mailing list changes in the documentation
  001489791 plug-insfeatureacknowledged2015-02-16Plugins events features request
  001937421 installationminorconfirmed2015-02-16Install with mysqli driver triggers warning when generating SQL
  0019376    installationminornew2015-02-16When generating SQL, the installer should not perform DB connection checks
  001936941 db mssqlminornew2015-02-16Error when click on Summary link
  001927011   documentationminorresolved (vboctor)2015-02-16Missing documentation from 1.2.19 download
  0012325282 uifeaturenew2015-02-15Adding WYSIWYG editor to text areas
  00179209   uiminorassigned (vboctor)2015-02-15Native markdown support
  00193192   administrationfeaturenew2015-02-15Add support for own gravatar site
  00179192   uiminorassigned (syncguru)2015-02-15Modernize Mantis UI
  0019370    db schemaminornew2015-02-14Retire 'user_print_pref' table
  001050473 attachmentsfeatureconfirmed2015-02-14New feature suggestion: Upload file in 'Add Note' ?
  001936831 custom fieldsminorresolved (atrol)2015-02-14custom field (type: float) default value not work.
  001935012 db schemaminornew2015-02-10SQLite support patches for mantis 1.2.19 and 1.3.0b1
  0019355    plug-instweaknew2015-02-10Plugins page should have an explicit [ Configure ] action for plugins that support it
  00193521   timelinefeatureassigned (dregad)2015-02-09In Timeline, tags should hyperlink to Tag Details page
  001934981 othermajornew2015-02-09Graphs are not shown
  00177784   attachmentscrashnew2015-02-09Attachments get corrupted when attaching to a bug
  00037593   attachmentsminorconfirmed2015-02-09Duplicate bug is created when resubmitting after file upload failure
  00105736   db schemafeatureacknowledged2015-02-07support SQLite