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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017687db oracle minornew2014-09-19Add issue tests
  0013128ldap8minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-19trying to connect LDAP in MANTIS
  0008581authentication majorresolved (dregad)2014-09-19LDAP Authentication
  0010853filters6minorassigned (dregad)2014-09-19In View Issues list, several columns are sorted by Id instead of display value
  0017628bugtracker9featureresolved (atrol)2014-09-19Ability to change priority (and other fields) after ticket creation
  0015361ldap1featureacknowledged2014-09-18Add STARTTLS Support to LDAP
  0017501administration10tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-18Default $g_display_errors setting should reflect what an admin would want to use
  0011802bugtracker5featureassigned (dregad)2014-09-18Update Product Version of multiple bugs
  0017683installation1minorresolved (atrol)2014-09-18Mantis Upgrade Patches
  0014709custom fields2minorconfirmed2014-09-17In the filter page, the customized fields are resets without any reason
  0017577performance1majorassigned (dregad)2014-09-17Improve print_user_option_list() performance
  0017662sponsorships minornew2014-09-17"Change Payment Status" does not work
  0017654filters5majornew2014-09-14Filter section on "View Issues" page broken
  0017661administration majornew2014-09-14Marking of settings on "E-mail Notifications" broken.
  0017658administration majornew2014-09-14Marking of settings on "Workflow Transitions" broken.
  0017660administration majornew2014-09-14"Delete project specific settings" on "E-mail Notifications" broken
  0017656administration majornew2014-09-14"Delete project specific settings" on "Workflow Thresholds" broken
  0017659administration majornew2014-09-14"Delete project specific settings" on "Workflow Transitions" broken
  0017655administration majornew2014-09-14Marking of settings on "Workflow Thresholds" broken.
  0017657administration majornew2014-09-14"Workflow Transitions" page broken.
  0017640security8majorresolved (dregad)2014-09-13CVE-2014-6387: Null byte poisoning in LDAP authentication
  0017645attachments1majorfeedback2014-09-13Unable to attach file while updating an Issue
  0012012plug-ins3featurenew2014-09-12Plugin DragAndDropFileUploadJavaApplet (and required core changes)
  0012343administration featurenew2014-09-12Ability to manage and filter users based on realname instead of username
  0017632roadmap13featureresolved (atrol)2014-09-11In the roadmap feature it should be assumed that an empty target release means a "future release"
  0012150db oracle5minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-10Mantis 1.2.1 Install Error using Oracle db
  0017360plug-ins7minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-10Prevent loading of jQuery related plugins
  0017643email3crashresolved (atrol)2014-09-10Problems with configuration of sending emails.
  0003623bugtracker featureacknowledged2014-09-10Upload files with bugnote
  0005607feature tweaknew2014-09-10Inserting an image in description or bugnotes
  0017642customization featurenew2014-09-09Issue Statuses
  0017627upgrade1blockfeedback2014-09-09Unable to upgrade to 1.2.17 from 1.2.16 (and to 1.2.16 from 1.2.15) using PostgreSQL
  0017589other3majornew2014-09-09"Assign To" does not work on page view.php
  0005466bugtracker12minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-09Changes are overwritten
  0017491bugtracker10blockfeedback2014-09-08Avatars are not showing on Firefox
  0017631email2majorresolved (dregad)2014-09-08Test email return send successful but no email received
  0017489bugtracker2blockresolved (dregad)2014-09-05Switching project requires a click on Switch button
  0017605upgrade8blockresolved (grangeway)2014-09-05Regression issue with upgrade step 184
   0017613bugtracker featureacknowledged2014-09-05The ability to assign colours to notes depending on the users access level
  0008017administration18minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-04Increase the size of the username field
  0017521graphs3majorresolved (atrol)2014-09-02"Graph" link on "View Issues" page does not work
  0006099filters4featurenew2014-09-01Could the default sort of 'last_updated' be changed to another field?
  0007840customization20featureacknowledged2014-09-01Customizable 'my view' page
  0008169feature7tweaknew2014-09-01"My View" should display bugs in order of Priority
  0014729customization2featurenew2014-09-01Suggestion/Feature Request: Can you offer Color Change based on user selectable Values Please?
  0015589db postgresql1crashresolved (dregad)2014-09-01Upgrade fails with postgresql
  0016854filters7minornew2014-09-01Simplify the filter box at the top of the View Issues page
  0006220customization2minornew2014-08-31Change order of fields
  0011385custom fields9featurenew2014-08-31Put custom fields on top of the report page (before category)
  0006206customization2featurenew2014-08-29profiles bound to projects
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