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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017779plug-ins2crashassigned (grangeway)2014-10-19New Menu Class is breaking plugins
  0017565installation4minoracknowledged2014-10-18SCRIPT installation error in statement: ALTER TABLE ADD INDEX mantis_bug_revision_table idx_bug_rev_id_time (bug_id, timestamp);
  0017712bugtracker7majorassigned (grangeway)2014-10-18Regression in menu display
  0017711bugtracker2featureassigned (grangeway)2014-10-18Move menu generation functionality into Menu Class and update CSS
  0017756feature7majorresolved (atrol)2014-10-18Error message when changing status
  0017783plug-ins featureassigned (grangeway)2014-10-17New Event: EVENT_MANAGE_PROJECT_DELETE
  0017782plug-ins featureassigned (grangeway)2014-10-17New Event: EVENT_MANAGE_VERSION_DELETE
  0017717email3featurefeedback2014-10-17Update phpmailer to 5.2.9
  0017781documentation1tweakfeedback2014-10-17Suggestion: breaking Configuration.xml file into smaller pieces
  0017778attachments crashnew2014-10-16Attachments get corrupted when attaching to a bug
  0006444feature2featureresolved (dregad)2014-10-16"Add and edit category" button
  0017744security1minorresolved (dregad)2014-10-16Attachments displayed in history despite user not authorised to view them
  0017777api soap minornew2014-10-16Add test case for mc_issue_add() and mc_issue_note_add() reporter override
  0012541api soap5minorassigned (vboctor)2014-10-16mc_issue_note_add function not honoring reporter data
  0017775plug-ins minorassigned (dregad)2014-10-15XML import plugin does not replace links in 'steps to reproduce'
  0017774plug-ins majorassigned (dregad)2014-10-15XML import plugin does not process links
  0012013plug-ins21minorresolved (dregad)2014-10-15Improvements for plugin ImportExportXml (and required core changes)
  0017751bugtracker1minorassigned (dregad)2014-10-15Timezone selection list does not include 'UTC'
  0017747installation3minorassigned (vboctor)2014-10-15Timezone errors during install
  0017758attachments7tweakresolved (dregad)2014-10-15Moved attachment files doesn't have the correct name
  0017766api soap1featurenew2014-10-15Access Tokens instead of Passwords
  0017765api soap minornew2014-10-15mc_issue_update() notifications inconsistent with web
  0017763api soap minornew2014-10-15mc_issue_update() email notification doesn't include added notes
  0017714bugtracker4minorresolved (atrol)2014-10-15Unable to batch update Category
  0017721feature2minorresolved (atrol)2014-10-14Data cannot be export to excel
  0017752bugtracker minornew2014-10-13Auto-refresh shouldn't update last visited
  0010084integration10featureacknowledged2014-10-13Integration with jabber?
  0017748bugtracker minorresolved (atrol)2014-10-13Formatting error on 'My Account' page
  0006125filters6featurenew2014-10-13small improvement to search filter
  0005812filters2featurenew2014-10-13Using a project to aggregate
  0004750bugtracker featurenew2014-10-12Add option to sort product version alphabetically
  0010539filters8featureconfirmed2014-10-12Last updater
  0005681filters2minoracknowledged2014-10-12Showing only used profile entries is not good for preparing saved filters
  0008860time tracking2minoracknowledged2014-10-12User entered time is overwritten
  0012732localization8crashconfirmed2014-10-12Problem with replacing non-translating strings
  0012319attachments7featurenew2014-10-12Index attachments' content
  0017715customization minorresolved (vboctor)2014-10-12Manage Configuration fails if config option name has a space at the end
  0016965preferences1minornew2014-10-12Workflow rights unapplicable
  0010793roadmap3featureresolved (vboctor)2014-10-12Show Roadmap and changelog only if one of version exists
  0016954custom fields3minornew2014-10-12Date type custom field with a default value set might result in application error on a new bug adding
  0005607feature tweaknew2014-10-12Inserting an image in description or bugnotes
  0005624attachments featurenew2014-10-12Add a "This file is a patch" checkbox when submiting files
  0013285html minorassigned (grangeway)2014-10-12Move script inclusions from HEAD to document footer
  0010278roadmap tweaknew2014-10-12Patch: Modernisation changes to roadmap page
  0010043bugtracker7minorresolved (grangeway)2014-10-12is_page_name can return incorrect result.
  0010149wiki2featurenew2014-10-11support for TikiWiki
  0007678other minornew2014-10-11Page width optimization patch
  0007844feature1majorresolved (grangeway)2014-10-11date format in scripts
  0007271feature1featurenew2014-10-11Solution to classify in 3 groups change logs
  0005007customization7tweakacknowledged2014-10-11Scripts to add ical functionality
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