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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017605upgrade6majorassigned (grangeway)2014-08-21Regression issue with upgrade step 184
  0017594graphs5featurenew2014-08-21Output content of title-attributes inside relation graph elements
  0017601bugtracker18majornew2014-08-20MantisBT start working amazing slow after 3 years
  0017603bugtracker4featureresolved (atrol)2014-08-18When Sumarry contain "< I >" (without spaces), text goes in italic style.
  0017582graphs3blockfeedback2014-08-18NO PUEDO VISUALIZAR LOS GRAFICOS DEL RESUMEN
  0017592email1featureresolved (atrol)2014-08-14I can not send mails
  0017589other majornew2014-08-14"Assign To" does not work on page view.php
  0017590other majornew2014-08-13Error message on page view.php
  0017586customization2minorresolved (atrol)2014-08-12Create an issue from another website
  0017584db mssql1minornew2014-08-12can not view summary page after deleting issue id: 1949
  0017360plug-ins7minorassigned (dregad)2014-08-12Prevent loading of jQuery related plugins
  0017501administration6tweakresolved (dregad)2014-08-12Default $g_display_errors setting should reflect what an admin would want to use
  0017538custom fields7minorresolved (atrol)2014-08-11Checkboxes issue when the bug is updated
  0017581migration1minorresolved (atrol)2014-08-11Old links from plugin manager remain after upgrade from 1.1.18 to 1.2.17
  0017529other1majorresolved (atrol)2014-08-10Main page displays wrong issue counts
  0017510administration1minorresolved (atrol)2014-08-10test_langs throws errors
  0017580bugtracker1minorfeedback2014-08-10Mantisbt_print command is not running when trying to print the xls report.
  0009460bugtracker5minorresolved (dregad)2014-08-08Default profile doesn't work
  0009450tagging6featureacknowledged2014-08-08Tagging possibility directly from "Report Issue" screen
  0017577performance1majorassigned (dregad)2014-08-08Improve print_user_option_list() performance
  0017489bugtracker2blockassigned (dregad)2014-08-08Switching project requires a click on Switch button
  0017520filters1blockresolved (dregad)2014-08-07"Project not found" error after deleting project
  0017518tagging minorresolved (dregad)2014-08-07System notice when displaying tags
  0017517tagging majorresolved (dregad)2014-08-07Link "Attached Issues" on tag_view_page.php does not work
  0005278custom fields23featureassigned (grangeway)2014-08-06custom field for user accounts
  0017572feature tweaknew2014-08-06Status Percentage Legend misleading on "View Issues" Page
  0017551roadmap3featurenew2014-08-05Roadmap Feature shows only percentage Resolved
  0017565installation3minoracknowledged2014-08-04SCRIPT installation error in statement: ALTER TABLE ADD INDEX mantis_bug_revision_table idx_bug_rev_id_time (bug_id, timestamp);
  0010129customization9featureacknowledged2014-08-04Exclude some statuses in percent legend
  0010318security3featurenew2014-08-03Allow for forcing of complex passwords
  0017557attachments1majornew2014-07-31When moving issue system expects file to be where project files are and not where DB says it is
  0017541db mssql4tweaknew2014-07-29Attachments Not Rendering
  0005702security6featureacknowledged2014-07-28Giving access to user who is monitoring bug
  0017509db mssql1majorfeedback2014-07-25APPLICATION WARNING #811: User with id "0" not found.
  0012313attachments15majoracknowledged2014-07-25Can't open image attachments in browser windows
  0012382email11minorassigned (grangeway)2014-07-24Long emails aren't sent and make Mantis freeze
  0012602custom fields3minorfeedback2014-07-24Default value for a date don't work
  0016954custom fields3minornew2014-07-24Date type custom field with a default value set might result in application error on a new bug adding
  0010245feature17featurenew2014-07-24Feature to add Estimated hours in regular column fields.
  0017354custom fields1minorassigned (grangeway)2014-07-24Non-required custom fields with a minimum length fail to validate
  0006013filters2featureacknowledged2014-07-22Date filter for when an issues resolution or status was changed
  0017533customization minornew2014-07-21Adding assoc arrays via config page converts numbers to strings
  0017521graphs3majornew2014-07-17"Graph" link on "View Issues" page does not work
  0017519bugtracker minorresolved (dregad)2014-07-17Wrong label for update button on bug_update_page.php
  0017522plug-ins1majorassigned (dregad)2014-07-17Reinstate helper_alternate_class() function
  0017437plug-ins9majoracknowledged2014-07-17Plugin breaks
  0008017administration18minorassigned (dregad)2014-07-17Increase the size of the username field
  0017506news majorresolved (dregad)2014-07-16Edit news throws error
  0017507administration blockresolved (dregad)2014-07-16Missing button on "Workflow Thresholds" page
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