2016-07-02 03:19 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000945014   taggingfeaturefeedback (vboctor)2016-07-01Tagging possibility directly from "Report Issue" screen
  002118431 bugtrackerminorresolved (atrol)2016-07-01Error while creating any mantis
  00195406   filtersminoracknowledged2016-07-01Filter "Assigned To:" doesn't show all usernames when "All Projects" is selected
  0021185 1 administrationmajornew2016-07-01how to create a new required on fixed item in Custom fields
  002117162 uiminorassigned (atrol)2016-07-01Change look & feel of links, borders and label background
  0021182    db schemaminornew2016-07-01SQL Server: Error deleting category
  002116511 uimajorresolved (vboctor)2016-06-30Using database configuration to enable gravatars does not work
  0021181    filtersfeaturenew2016-06-30How to reduce the item in Simple Filter
  0021179 1 uimajornew2016-06-30Navigation menu is not showed in small screensize
  0021178    custom fieldsfeaturenew2016-06-30Report can be submit enven when checked "Required On Report" and "Type" is Textarea
  0021177 1 plug-insmajornew2016-06-29Jpgraph doesn't work
  0021176 1 customizationminornew2016-06-29Need convert the field <<* platform>> or <<* Profile>> required in the bug bugreport
  0021155 1 installationmajornew2016-06-28SQL Server (mssqlnative) DROP DEFAULT constraints are not scripted when 'Script' option is checked
  00211673   custom fieldsfeatureresolved (atrol)2016-06-28Can the 'Custom field' field list the Project [Main as well as Subprojects]
  0021164    securitymajornew2016-06-28CSP headers are no longer sent when using current master branch
  002105162 ldapcrashresolved (dregad)2016-06-27LDAP with IIS 7 and PHP 7.0.5
  002108121 customizationmajorresolved (atrol)2016-06-27error while changing status
  00210972   mentionsminorresolved (atrol)2016-06-27mention email notifications should use recipient's language
  002115431 customizationminorfeedback2016-06-27Assignto and Target Release showing empty value
  000978261 taggingfeatureacknowledged2016-06-27Detach Tags group action
  0021157    bugtrackerminornew2016-06-25Redirect loop when default project is disabled
  0012830417 plug-insfeaturenew2016-06-24new HTMLMail plugin v0.1
  00056562   custom fieldsminorconfirmed2016-06-24Change status to: 'page' not displaying the custom fields in it
  00056504   custom fieldsminoracknowledged2016-06-24Investigate/Implement Enchanced Custom Field support
  0021153    custom fieldsminornew2016-06-24Filtering Custom Fields with empty values not showing correct value
  00048647   filtersminornew2016-06-24Unable to filter on empty custom field value
  0010675127 time trackingfeaturenew2016-06-23Made enhancement to the billing page
  0021151 1 time trackingfeatureresolved (atrol)2016-06-23Developers not able to see their own Time Tracking report
  0021147    bugtrackerminornew2016-06-22Error posting comment when waiting just a few minutes
  0021146    otherminornew2016-06-22Can't retrieve history of a bug with history_get_events_array($bug_id)
  00210446   performanceminornew2016-06-22my view page, $t_hide_status_default consitency
  00210388   db mysqlmajorresolved (atrol)2016-06-22Improvement in the database - "My View" page is very slow.
  001248412   csvminorconfirmed2016-06-22CSV and Excel exporting issue...
  0021143    administrationfeaturenew2016-06-21Alert on any even, Bug posted | Bug updated | Notes
  00211422   db schemaminorresolved (atrol)2016-06-21method is missing [require_api()]
  00211401   code cleanupminorresolved (atrol)2016-06-20Remove DB2 support
  00211103   emailmajorresolved (atrol)2016-06-20[bug_report_auto] Validation report Mail
  0021141    wikifeatureassigned (vboctor)2016-06-19Knowledge Base integration to Mantis
  0021139 1 uiminornew2016-06-19Display of file type icon broken on print_bug_page
  002113861 uiminornew2016-06-18Wrong display of sponsorship section
  002110182 bugtrackerminorassigned (dregad)2016-06-18Issues with emoji's are truncated before getting saved
  002043113   db schemaminorassigned (dregad)2016-06-18Use utf8mb4 charset for new MySQL installations
  001757714   performanceminorassigned (dregad)2016-06-18Improve print_user_option_list() performance
  00211361   administrationminorassigned (dregad)2016-06-18Editing config option containing newline corrupts them by inserting <br> tags
  00211246   administrationmajorassigned (dregad)2016-06-18Creating/setting config options using adm_config_report.php is partially broken
  0021137 1 uiminornew2016-06-17Questionable display of sub-projects in project menu bar
  0021135 2 reportsminornew2016-06-17Data can't display complete after reduce option while customizing MantisBT
  00211342   relationshipsminorresolved (atrol)2016-06-17Use of undefined constant when displaying relationship graphics
  0021133    rssminornew2016-06-17Access of non existent image in RSS feeds
  0021130    taggingmajorassigned (syncguru)2016-06-17Usage of undefined function html_page_bottom