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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017717email featurenew2014-10-02Update phpmailer to 5.2.9
  0017714bugtracker2minorfeedback2014-10-02Unable to batch update Category
  0017688authentication6minorfeedback2014-10-02LDAP AUTHENTICATION
  0017715customization minorassigned (vboctor)2014-10-02Manage Configuration fails if config option name has a space at the end
  0017711bugtracker featureresolved (grangeway)2014-10-01Move menu generation functionality into Menu Class and update CSS
  0017475customization2featureacknowledged2014-10-01Subprojects inherit parent project configuration / Configuration option set to multiple projects
  0017712bugtracker3majorassigned (grangeway)2014-09-30Regression in menu display
  0017713administration1minorresolved (atrol)2014-09-30Change the level access on the workflow thereshold w with 3 new status
  0011473custom fields5minornew2014-09-29[patches] Events to add new custom field types via Plugin and other improvements
  0017589other3majorresolved (grangeway)2014-09-29"Assign To" does not work on page view.php
  0007118bugtracker1minorresolved (grangeway)2014-09-29Report Issue: attaching an oversized file raises wrong error message in bug_report.php/gpc_get (gpc_api.php)
  0015420bugtracker8crashacknowledged2014-09-28Invalid category check is not made
  0014112bugtracker1majornew2014-09-28maximum execution time when uploading
  0015720other minorresolved (grangeway)2014-09-27Mantis 2.0 Tracking Issue
  0015551api soap7tweakfeedback2014-09-26mc_issue_attachment_add save corrupt file
  0010831administration2majoracknowledged2014-09-26how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them
  0017645attachments2majorresolved (atrol)2014-09-25Unable to attach file while updating an Issue
  0014852installation4minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-25Installation failes during install with postgres as DB
  0002609email5featureresolved (grangeway)2014-09-25Support multiple valid e-mail domains.
  0017174tools2featureconfirmed (rombert)2014-09-25Add Oracle XE testing to the travis CI setup
  0012422filters8featurenew2014-09-25Patch: sort by bugnotes count
  0017704custom fields minornew2014-09-24Custom field using pre-defined Version enumerator doesn't show a blank (not set) option
  0007573bugtracker8featureresolved (grangeway)2014-09-24add link elements to head of each page
  0003891bugtracker4featureresolved (grangeway)2014-09-24Can't delegate some ADMIN tasks to MANAGER
  0011802bugtracker6featureresolved (dregad)2014-09-24Update Product Version of multiple bugs
  0017702other2minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-24Descriptions in Excel files
  0010957change log1featurenew2014-09-23Log in history status 10 (new bug)
  0010020bugtracker3featureacknowledged2014-09-23Threading for notes
  0017059attachments1featureresolved (grangeway)2014-09-23add attached file button
  0012620plug-ins2majorresolved (dhx)2014-09-23Plug-ins included through function
  0011965attachments3featurenew2014-09-23File download counter
  0012796javascript5minornew2014-09-23'javascript' subdirect should be renamed
  0012885administration5featureresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Reimplement obsolete configuration checks based on obsolete.php as part of new admin/check/ interface
  0015685bugtracker1majorresolved (dregad)2014-09-23LOG_DATABASE causes 'Array to string conversion' system notice
  0015592administration1minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-23APPLICATION ERROR # 0 when editing configuration options
  0015329code cleanup1tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Admin page bracketed submenus should use existing CSS for display
  0015328code cleanup1tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Display of bracketed sub-menus differs from 1.2.x
  0015327code cleanup1tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Unnecessary blank line above Account sub-menu
  0014811html7minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Summary page doesn't generate properly because of special characters
  0014805html1tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Left and right tables on summary page are not aligned on top
  0014757html1tweakresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Header text overlaps bottom div border if there are no subprojects
  0014756code cleanup3crashresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Sub project always fails at "check_selected" method when calling print_subproject_option_list
  0014748printing1crashresolved (dregad)2014-09-23XML Parse Error when having jpg image as attachment in summary report in HTML
  0014744bugtracker16majorresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Unicode characters in text field prevent bug display
  0014721printing10crashresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Error page when generate summary in HTML format
  0014217filters1minorresolved (vboctor)2014-09-23PHP error when attempting to save a filter
  0014119bugtracker6minorresolved (dregad)2014-09-23Use new MantisBT logo
  0014090html2minorresolved (vboctor)2014-09-23Private are not rendered any differently than public notes
  0014089html2minorresolved (vboctor)2014-09-23"Operation Successful" notifications are not centered
  0014087installation5crashresolved (vboctor)2014-09-23Installation script doesn't set the crypto_master_salt causing errors
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