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2016-07-28 22:10 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00214071   customizationminorassigned (cproensa)2016-07-28event EVENT_MENU_ISSUE prints empty brackets even if no value is returned
  0021559 1 uiminornew2016-07-28EVENT_MENU_ISSUE menu items use inconsistent format
  00124096   roadmapfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-07-28"Scheduled For Release" even if no date is set
  002112111 uimajornew2016-07-28Project selection not usable with large number of projects
  002117911 uimajornew2016-07-28Navigation menu is not showed in small screensize
  0021558 1 uiminornew2016-07-28log destination for page produces messed output
  0021557    plug-insminorresolved (atrol)2016-07-28Issue creation events are not triggered when adding issues via SOAP API
  00205773   plug-insfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-07-27Consistent use of EVENT_UPDATE_BUG_DATA
  00214013   upgradefeaturefeedback2016-07-27Error update from 1.2.17 to 1.3.0
  0021376142 db schemablockconfirmed2016-07-27Error in upgrade process 1.2.17 --> 1.3.0
  0021552 1 bugtrackerminornew2016-07-27My account preferences: move project list outside the form
  0021551    administrationminornew2016-07-26Manage Users pagination loses filter letter
  00214043   filtersminoracknowledged2016-07-25System Error on changing filters
  0021263    securitymajorconfirmed2016-07-24Content Security Policy is weakened by Gravatar plugin
  00214141   customizationminorassigned (vboctor)2016-07-23Config menu options don't show in main menu
  00213971   plug-insminorassigned (vboctor)2016-07-23Plugin menu options don't show in main menu
  002120913   db mysqlmajorresolved (atrol)2016-07-23Ver 1.2.19 get HTTP 500 with php 7
  00212234   uiminorresolved (vboctor)2016-07-23"Report Issue" button on top toolbar should be hidden for VIEWER/anonymous users
  0021415    bugtrackerminornew2016-07-23update documentation for option auto_set_status_to_assigned
  00212033   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-07-23option auto_set_status_to_assigned can change status even if not allowed by workflow
  00214131   installationmajorresolved (atrol)2016-07-23External library '/var/www/mantisbt/library/phpmailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php' not found.
  0021412    uiminornew2016-07-23Collapse is saved per attachment
  00214052   wikimajorresolved (vboctor)2016-07-23Wiki integration broken
  0021400    uiminorconfirmed2016-07-23Collapse settings are not saved by modern UI
  00205353   plug-insminorresolved (cproensa)2016-07-23EVENT_BUG_VIEW_ATTACHMENT prints an extra "Array" before the plugin output.
  00212242   uiminorresolved (vboctor)2016-07-22Login and Signup buttons in top header don't work for anonymous users
  00212913   api soapminorconfirmed2016-07-22Remove mc_issue_checkin from MantisConnect
  00211414   wikifeaturenew2016-07-22Knowledge Base integration to Mantis
  002141021 uiminornew2016-07-22text looks OK in edit of note but renders badly
  0021409    upgradeblocknew2016-07-22APPLICATION ERROR #2900 during update
  0021408    custom fieldsminornew2016-07-22Custom fields updated correctly and is not reflected in the view issues.
  00213751   bugtrackerminorassigned (vboctor)2016-07-21Status @30@ is not editable when editing issue
  0021406    roadmaptweakresolved (atrol)2016-07-21Roadmap Date if not set shows incorrect Date
  000962621 featuretrivialfeedback2016-07-21Include modifyer login to email notification.
  001231971 attachmentsfeaturenew2016-07-21Index attachments' content
  001034722 htmlminorresolved (atrol)2016-07-21Incorrect breadcrumbs in extra dropdown for subprojects
  00107726   rssmajornew2016-07-21RSS feed does not appear proper formatted in Google Chrome
  00214021   customizationminorresolved (atrol)2016-07-21issues and date of solution
  002140311 reportsminorresolved (atrol)2016-07-21Mantis Graphs 1.0 Unable to read/find font
  002139921 emailminornew2016-07-21problem with email format after update
  002138111   migrationcrashresolved (atrol)2016-07-21mantis/manage_config_workflow_page.php on line 417
  0021164    securitymajornew2016-07-20CSP headers are no longer sent when using current master branch
  002111411 uitweaknew2016-07-20Manage users page action buttons appears on 2 rows when showing 'Unused'
  0021118 1 uiminornew2016-07-20Sticked issues are not separated in "View Issues" page
  0021112 2 performanceminornew2016-07-20Unneeded tooltip information on "My View" page
  00211131   plug-insminornew2016-07-20EVENT_LAYOUT_PAGE_HEADER no longer available
  0021137 1 uiminornew2016-07-20Questionable display of sub-projects in project menu bar
  0021119    uiminornew2016-07-20Wrong alignment of field on "Summary" page
  0021120    uiminornew2016-07-20Unwanted changes of state of navigation bar
  0021139 1 uiminornew2016-07-20Display of file type icon broken on print_bug_page