2015-08-02 10:21 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00199791   uiminornew2015-08-02Wrong alignment on "Summary" page
  001618161 api soapminoracknowledged2015-08-02Setting up a connection between SAP R3 and Mantis with SOAP doesn't work
  00104195   otherfeatureacknowledged2015-08-01Allow customized sorting of versions
  0004750 1 bugtrackerfeaturenew2015-08-01Add option to sort product version alphabetically
  00108315   administrationmajoracknowledged2015-08-01how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them
  00199911   featureminornew2015-08-01support png favicon in modern browsers
  00199892   administrationmajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-31email send to all developer
  001058611   roadmapfeatureacknowledged2015-07-30Add burn-down charts to roadmap report
  00199881   administrationfeaturenew2015-07-30Configuration "manage_user_thresold" is too general
  00119935   api soapfeatureacknowledged (rombert)2015-07-30trigger events when bug added etc via soap
  001982811   bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-30Escaping
  001973621 othertweakresolved (atrol)2015-07-29Значок звука некорректно отображается возле кода на сайте при регистрации нового пользователя
  00197382   authorizationtweakresolved (dregad)2015-07-29Поля логина и пароля не помеченные как обязательные поля на форме при регистрации
  00199382   emailmajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-29Error message when I go to E-mail Notifications
  001994052 bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-29I am using Mants bug tracking. Some time before i am facing problem
  00199831   emailminornew2015-07-29Reporters are not notified of bug status change to 'feedback'
  00199841   localizationminorconfirmed2015-07-29Hardcoded strings in bug_update.php and bug_api.php
  001995771 bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-29Extra layer in physical path
  001233931 webpagefeaturenew2015-07-28Design proposal for "View bug" to increase readability and reduce clutter
  0019978    filtersmajornew2015-07-27Values not preserved on filter page
  0019977    plug-insminornew2015-07-27Add event "SENT_BUG_INFO_TO_ONE_USER"
  00199751   emailmajorresolved (atrol)2015-07-27Unable to receive emails for registration of new user
  0019976    attachmentsminornew2015-07-27Wrong attachments handling
  001791912   uiminorassigned (syncguru)2015-07-27Modernize Mantis UI
  00199702   administrationmajorconfirmed2015-07-26Status to which reopened issues are set drops to 'feedback'
  0019971    otherminorresolved (atrol)2015-07-25Misprint in strings_english.txt
  00199642   authenticationmajornew2015-07-25Wrong anonymous rights application
  0019972    bugtrackerminornew2015-07-25Change status unavailable with bug_change_status_page.php
  00199651   authenticationblockresolved (atrol)2015-07-24Can't login with MD5 and can't activate LDAP
  00198315   bugtrackerminorresolved (atrol)2015-07-23Logged in User Name shown in View Issue page changes automatically
  001996631 reportsblockresolved (atrol)2015-07-23Graphs are broken
  00199622   reportscrashresolved (vboctor)2015-07-23Graphs are broken
  0019687    code cleanupminorresolved (dregad)2015-07-23Removed unused libraries
  00199593   authenticationminorresolved (atrol)2015-07-22Users still can see private bugs
  00180151   timelineminorresolved (vboctor)2015-07-22Refactor history_api to build timeline more efficiently
  0019953    upgrademinornew2015-07-20Upgrade unattended should upgrade plugins as well
  00199161   filtersmajornew2015-07-20View Issues page fails when filtering custom fields
  0019952    db mssqlminornew2015-07-20error when click on Summary Link - APPLICATION ERROR 0000401
  00199451   timelineminorresolved (vboctor)2015-07-20Timeline should take selected project into consideration
  0019944    authorizationmajorconfirmed2015-07-19Redirect loop when user is not allowed to view bugs.
  00199431   uimajorconfirmed2015-07-19Buggy calendar in due date
  001970073 filtersminornew2015-07-18Filters table on the view_all_bug_page.php shows empty lines when $g_enable_profiles is set to OFF
  00057027   securityfeatureacknowledged2015-07-15Giving access to user who is monitoring bug
  00199276   reportsminorassigned (vboctor)2015-07-15Wrong datatype in excel XML export
  00199321   performanceminorassigned (vboctor)2015-07-14Load jquery from CDN
  0019829102 emailminornew2015-07-14Emails looks scrambled
  001328511 performanceminorassigned (syncguru)2015-07-14Move script inclusions from HEAD to document footer
  001990711 uiminornew2015-07-14On iPhone, Timeline overlaps with issues list boxes
  0019929    bugtrackerminornew2015-07-14Support 'due date' in group actions