2016-04-28 15:47 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00206741   api soapminorassigned (vboctor)2016-04-28Removal of 'administrator_email' is causing soap api failures
  00203061   printingminorresolved (vboctor)2016-04-28Print issue page shows issue history before notes
  00208379   bugtrackerfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-28Support @ mentions
  00208061   emailfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-28Email doesn't include 'Due Date' when enabled and is set
  0020862    custom fieldsminornew2016-04-28date and TIME in custom field
  00116049   change logminorconfirmed2016-04-27Versions marked as obsolete appear on change log page
  0020857    emailfeatureassigned (community)2016-04-26Add tags to email notifications when set
  002085611 performanceminorresolved (atrol)2016-04-26500 - Internal Server Error
  00171456   change logfeaturefeedback2016-04-26Need to show obsolete versions in Change Log.
  00094509   taggingfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-26Tagging possibility directly from "Report Issue" screen
  00208541   performanceminorresolved (cproensa)2016-04-26Plugin columns are always called to cache, even if not visible.
  0012830407 plug-insfeaturenew2016-04-26new HTMLMail plugin v0.1
  001178971 emailfeaturenew2016-04-25Email notification when a file is added
  00207756   relationshipsmajorresolved (dregad)2016-04-25Adding multiple relationships fails
  00204232   sqlminorassigned (cproensa)2016-04-24review SQL queries with IN clauses that can break db query limits
  00205436   authenticationfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-24Login using username or email address
  002081110   featuremajorfeedback2016-04-24Problem with accentuated characters in description field
  00205324   emailmajorresolved (dregad)2016-04-24Mail cron job will stop on an unknown mail adress on Exchange Server
  002060221 attachmentsminorresolved (dregad)2016-04-24absolute_path_default_upload_folder has a trailing directory separator: "Files/"
  0020705101 administrationblockresolved (atrol)2016-04-24Issue after installing 1.3.0 RC1 as manager funcions
  0020813    administrationminorassigned (dregad)2016-04-24Setting Configuration Page of arrays with strings containing escaped quotes does not work
  0020851    administrationminorassigned (dregad)2016-04-24Configuration page parsing associative keys incorrectly
  00207871   administrationmajorassigned (dregad)2016-04-24Setting of arrays (complex type) in Configuration Page doesn't work
  0020812    administrationmajorassigned (dregad)2016-04-24Setting of nested arrays in Configuration Page doesn't work
  0020850    administrationminorassigned (dregad)2016-04-24Configuration page parsing complex trims quotes incorrectly
  00137889   plug-insfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-21Add EVENT_USER_DISPLAY_AVATAR to enable plugins to use LDAP and Social Networks
  00208351   administrationblockresolved (atrol)2016-04-21Problems with state flow when assing bugs to developers
  002005831 customizationminornew2016-04-20Updating config items in configuration report adds new ones
  001252111 featurefeaturenew2016-04-20Script to automatically change status
  00208243   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2016-04-19collapse_cache_token() always update token ID # 5
  00208223   bugtrackercrashresolved (dregad)2016-04-19Collapsing/Expanding sections triggers error 2300
  0020831    bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2016-04-19Auto closing the Issues with No Response on Status Feedbac- requested
  00208271   emailmajorresolved (atrol)2016-04-19Email notifications going to everyone
  0006464    emailminoracknowledged2016-04-19User Sign-up problem
  00208021   bugtrackerminorconfirmed2016-04-180001: No proper visual feedback if Select Profile expand button is activated or not
  0020823    authenticationminorresolved (atrol)2016-04-18Password expiration
  0020818    upgrademinorresolved (vboctor)2016-04-17Upgrade unattended script fails
  00208171   preferencesminornew2016-04-17account update issue, when updating several user fields on same form
  00034331   custom fieldsfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-04-17Comment string on custom fields
  00060613   webpageminorresolved (cproensa)2016-04-17Issues being put back to "Assigned" if assignment changes (to another user) when on different status.
  00060093   securityminorassigned (cproensa)2016-04-17cannot change password in second enter to page
  0020816    authenticationminorassigned (cproensa)2016-04-17user verification / password reset allows setting of empty password
  00102911   administrationfeatureresolved (cproensa)2016-04-17Can you View what I View?
  00207723   administrationfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-17Allow administrators to impersonate users
  00090931   emailfeatureresolved (vboctor)2016-04-17Add a configuration option to enforce email uniqueness
  00086852   signupminoracknowledged2016-04-17New users aren't warned that another user account has identical e-mail address.
  00201015   api soapminornew2016-04-17mc_filter_search_issues can't filiter by date
  0020809    authenticationcrashnew2016-04-14Auth with AD KO when UTF-8 chars in password
  00208051   administrationfeaturenew2016-04-13Protect administrators against deleting users without understanding implications
  001014151 filtersmajorfeedback2016-04-13Disabled users are no more liste in filter