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2016-09-24 22:04 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00202483   custom fieldsminorconfirmed2016-09-23Custom field named with capital letters like "Component" doesn't display on views
  0021713    custom fieldsmajorresolved (atrol)2016-09-23Manage Columns lowercase field name
  00217123   filtersminorconfirmed2016-09-23No way to filter "negative" for checkbox custom fields
  00217111   bugtrackerminornew2016-09-23Duplicate id field should show up when closing an issue
  00217043   uiminorassigned (dregad)2016-09-23Report Stay checkbox shows broken layout on action page
  002171061 uitweakresolved (dregad)2016-09-23Incorrect display on Bug report confirmation page
  00216831   uiminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-23Standardize "operation successful" messages
  0009954151 ldapfeaturenew2016-09-23More than one ldap-server
  0021709    bugtrackerminornew2016-09-22on error after verification page, user still can browse the site
  00217081   emailminorresolved (atrol)2016-09-22Width of email notification
  000682385 filtersfeatureacknowledged2016-09-21Date filter should work with "last update", too
  0021707    plug-insminorresolved (community)2016-09-21plugin_get() fails to use the default argument
  0016774254 customizationfeaturenew2016-09-21Ask for the Target version when an issue is confirmed
  00217054   upgrademajorresolved (dregad)2016-09-21APPLICATION ERROR #400 after upgrading from 1.2.19
  00217061   uiminornew2016-09-21compatibility layout api for v1.3 page creation and styles
  00102421   featureminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-21Copy Versions From / To should (optionally) update existing versions
  002169911 relationshipsblockfeedback2016-09-20APPLICATION ERROR #1802: Relationship not found
  0021700    emailminorresolved (atrol)2016-09-20Support HTML emails with Modern UI compitable layout
  00216971   uiminorassigned (community)2016-09-20Clearer distinction between private and public notes
  0021669    reportsblocknew2016-09-20Charts have inline scripts
  00217011   uiminorassigned (community)2016-09-20Notes always marked as private, if they are private by default
  0021702 1 webpageminornew2016-09-20Horizontal scroll bar not shown
  0021703    attachmentsminornew2016-09-20Probkem when inserting a big image while Report Issue the with Drag'n'Drop
  00216033   code cleanupmajorresolved (syncguru)2016-09-20Publish full source code of ACE template
  002168432 uiminorassigned (cproensa)2016-09-20Account verify page layout broken
  00200403   javascriptblocknew2016-09-20Replace jscalendar by a newer widget
  00216533   reportsminorresolved (vboctor)2016-09-20Graphs broken
  002112161 uimajorassigned (syncguru)2016-09-17Project selection not usable with large number of projects
  00173254   code cleanupminorassigned (dregad)2016-09-17helper_array_transpose should always return an array
  00216961   toolsminorassigned (dregad)2016-09-17Allow PHPUnit to capture Mantis-specific errors
  00085264   api soapminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-17version_api should return date_order in unixtimestamp format
  002169511 uiminornew2016-09-17"notify user" check should be moved outside the form
  002169331 administrationminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-17Copy of Versions from one project to another project does not copy all fields
  00082795   documentationminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-17Manual references nonexistent page on
  00201402   customizationfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-09-17EVENT_FILTER_COLUMNS should accept objects along/instead classes
  0021694 2 uiminornew2016-09-16inconsistent presentation of required fields
  002169071 uifeaturefeedback2016-09-16Save vertical space in UI
  00216921   customizationminorfeedback (cproensa)2016-09-15Workflow Threshold for auto-assignment applies to direct assignment
  0012830417 plug-insfeaturenew2016-09-15new HTMLMail plugin v0.1
  0021691    uiminornew2016-09-13Modern UI: Use SVG rather than icon fonts
  00216864   bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2016-09-13Cannot close issues with unresolved child issues
  00212251   bugtrackerminornew2016-09-13resolving parent issues inconsistency
  00216853   uiminornew2016-09-13Dropzone.js error message at each bug detail
  00216891   code cleanupminorresolved (atrol)2016-09-13Obsolete icon_path configuration
  002168131 uitweakresolved (dregad)2016-09-12Breadcrumbs bar does not respect $g_show_realname
  0005613101 featurefeatureacknowledged2016-09-12Support a *really* simple "view" URL
  00216785   upgrademinorfeedback2016-09-11After upgrade 1.2.19 -> 1.3.1 database structure still out of date.
  0021109    uifeaturenew2016-09-10Replace "operational successful" pages with flash control
  0021682 1 uiminorresolved (dregad)2016-09-10"Operation successful" confirmation message partially hidden
  00216592   code cleanupminorresolved (community)2016-09-10Syntax error in browser_search_plugin.php