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2016-08-30 14:47 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00205853   sub-projectsminornew2016-08-30Future of sub-projects?
  00124931   featurefeaturenew2016-08-30Feature request and patch: show project description on main page
  0009120131 custom fieldsminornew2016-08-29Numeric Custom fields on View All don't sort correctly
  00216531   reportsminorconfirmed2016-08-29Graphs broken
  00216522   timelineminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-28"closed issue" events are no longer shown in timeline
  0021654    code cleanupminornew2016-08-28Deprecate access_has_any_project()
  00142686   bugtrackerminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-28"Report Issue" is missing if the user has access to only private projects, but has not selected a project from the dropdown.
  00215733   upgradeblockconfirmed2016-08-28Error update from 1.2.19 to 1.3.0 / step 194
  00208741   uiminorassigned (vboctor)2016-08-28Content Security Policy blocked embedded images added by Chrome Extension
  002043112   db schemaminorassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Use utf8mb4 charset for new MySQL installations
  002030751 printingminorassigned (vboctor)2016-08-28Print issue page needs to adjust formatting for tags and relationship handler
  00199645   authenticationminorassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Wrong anonymous rights application
  00178269   administrationminorassigned (vboctor)2016-08-28Support disabling per project upload path
  001757714   performanceminorassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Improve print_user_option_list() performance
  0012458152 api soapminorassigned (rombert)2016-08-28Problem with HTTP_AUTH and Web Services
  000945015   taggingfeaturefeedback (vboctor)2016-08-28Tagging possibility directly from "Report Issue" screen
  000816771 filtersminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-28Filter settings saved when using Anonymous account
  0021619    code cleanuptweakassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Use constants instead of hardcoded values for filter view types
  00216181   code cleanupminorassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Duplicate code to determine the default view type
  00215924   filtersminorconfirmed2016-08-28Unknown column 'mantis_bug_table.tags'
  0021376162 db schemablockconfirmed2016-08-28Error in upgrade process 1.2.17 --> 1.3.0
  00205402   attachmentsmajorassigned (dregad)2016-08-28Implement upgrade step to cleanup corrupt disk attachments after db->disk conversion
  0021651    securityminornew2016-08-28Dropzone has inline scripts in View Issue page
  0021636    customizationminornew2016-08-28Summary by Severity and Priority graphs do not honor the customizations
  0021633    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-28Session id error
  00216032   code cleanupmajorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-28Publish full source code of ACE template
  002113861 uiminornew2016-08-28Wrong display of sponsorship section
  002112151 uimajorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-28Project selection not usable with large number of projects
  002111812 uiminorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-28Sticked issues are not separated in "View Issues" page
  00211132   plug-insminorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-28EVENT_LAYOUT_PAGE_HEADER no longer available
  00202291   bugtrackerminoracknowledged2016-08-28user last name to be stored in user table field
  002010211 uiminorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-28Support switching saved filters and free text search when filter box is collapsed
  00200403   javascriptminornew2016-08-28Replace jscalendar by a newer widget
  00165982   reportsminornew2016-08-28How to show "Category" in the tooltip of graphs?
  00208821   filtersminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-25Filter by date inputs are shown disabled
  00168692   bugtrackerfeatureacknowledged2016-08-24Change of due date background color
  0021640    bugtrackerfeaturenew2016-08-23Assign Group Action doesn't support un-assigning
  00216359   administrationmajorfeedback2016-08-23Problems with corrupting database with use of $g_absolute_path_default_upload_folder = 'Files/';
  0008358    emailfeatureconfirmed2016-08-22Indicate whether notes are private or public in email notifications
  002163711 plug-insminornew2016-08-21Snippets dropdown is too close to the note textbox
  0021634    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-20PHP Catchable fatal error in error_handler()
  00179172   code cleanuptweaknew2016-08-20Remove magic constants in filter_api.php / view_all_set.php
  00216052   customizationminornew2016-08-19user columns configuration precedence
  001928452 csvminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Export of the "bugnotes_count" column doesn't work
  0021613    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-18Unused pages, tables user_print_pref
  0009381    bugtrackerminoracknowledged2016-08-18Remove print_all_bug_options_page.php since it is no longer honored
  00210291   bugtrackerminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Trigering a DEPRECATED error from the page body fails
  00147094   custom fieldsminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18In the filter page, the customized fields are resets without any reason
  000380316   filtersfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Provide a way to update a saved filter
  0021630    code cleanupminornew2016-08-18Move into core API logic for bugnotes count