2015-04-28 15:47 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  001966791 othermajorresolved (atrol)2015-04-28Application Error 0000401 When Clicking View Issues Menu
  001966061 roadmapminorassigned (syncguru)2015-04-28Completed tasks are shown in sans serif typeface on the roadmap page
  001967521 plug-insminorconfirmed2015-04-28Like Trello plugin
  00196423   administrationtweaknew2015-04-28If log file is not writable, log_event() fails silently
  0012684 1 plug-insfeaturenew2015-04-28Add Issue Archive Feature
  00196705   filtersmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28View Issues page fails when a custom field is used for filtering and sorting
  00195891   attachmentsminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Support adding a note + attachment in one step
  00196341   custom fieldsminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Users without write access to required custom field can't update issue
  00195421   custom fieldsminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Support multi-line default values for memo fields
  00038745   bugtrackerfeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28default view state for projects
  00196571   customizationminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Email notifications page sets default_notify_flags max threshold to 0 and min to 100
  00196482   authorizationminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Access denied when reporter re-opens an issue
  0019649    code cleanupminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28change_type is set to "close" when re-opening issues
  0010656    reportsfeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Use openflashcharts for rendering
  00104302   custom fieldsmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Cannot update custom date field
  00105322   customizationmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28"ADD NOTE" is not available for some of the Stauts ( i.e RESOLVED)
  00075592   otherminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Choosing active project clears news input
  00085331   roadmapminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28formatting not applied due to table tag error
  00080834   administrationmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28SYSTEM NOTICE when deleting project
  00079971   featuremajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Permissions for closing issues
  00079462   administrationmajorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Can't add user to project (I'm using LDAP)
  00082421   featureminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Attachments for comments
  00079191   bugtrackerfeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28administrator no forced member of any project (allow unsubscribe)
  00077261   bugtrackerminorresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Direct users from index.php to login page when not logged in
  00049632   featurefeatureresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Add ability to "lock" bugreports (prevent adding of bugnotes)
  001967111 preferencestextresolved (vboctor)2015-04-28Create Status >90 - Beyond Closed
  00122618   filtersminornew2015-04-27Cannot filter by versions of parent project when child project selected
  001965851 bugtrackerblockresolved (atrol)2015-04-27Fatal error: Class 'Projax' not found
  00196655   bugtrackermajorresolved (atrol)2015-04-27Closed issues should still allow to comment
  00196163   Generalblockresolved (atrol)2015-04-26Notifications mail
  00195402   filtersminoracknowledged2015-04-24Filter "Assigned To:" doesn't show all usernames when "All Projects" is selected
  0019659    featurefeatureresolved (atrol)2015-04-24Export all file attachment after project closure
  0019655    emailminornew2015-04-23Email content line length + html
  00196541   authorizationcrashresolved (dregad)2015-04-23habilitations to close the ticket
  00178051   installationminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-23New installation page is broken if config file exists but database is not yet created
  00196453   filtersminornew2015-04-23Reporter in advanced filters
  0019650    code cleanupminornew2015-04-23locally cached field content gets lost after error message about empty mandatory field
  00090911   emailmajorresolved (dregad)2015-04-23Reopen 0008577 (Long utf-8 encoded subject fails)
  0019301101 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2015-04-22CVE-2015-2046 : XSS in adm_config_report.php (FG-VD-15-008)
  001964443 emailmajorresolved (atrol)2015-04-21La opcion de Notificaciones por correo electronico no me muestra nada
  00196431   db mysqlminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-21Installation error: Database user doesn't have access to the database
  00173639   authenticationmajorassigned (dregad)2015-04-21Authentication is done using http (non-ssl) and passwords appear in plaintext.
  00196389   filtersmajorresolved (dregad)2015-04-21Filtering by users throws error
  00195741   bugtrackerminorresolved (dregad)2015-04-20Edited Issue's handler is set to blank when user has been demoted
  000880081 reportsfeaturenew2015-04-20Roadmap "gauges" shall be drawin using different colors depending on the progress value
  0007945572 time trackingfeaturenew2015-04-20Time tracking vs. time planning
  0012522338 plug-insfeaturenew2015-04-20Set duedate automatically
  00105869   roadmapfeatureacknowledged2015-04-20Add burn-down charts to roadmap report
  00196316   customizationfeatureresolved (atrol)2015-04-20Choose Responsible Person