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    PIDCategory # SeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0017242authentication3blocknew2014-04-23Your browser either does not know how to handle cookies, or refuses to handle them.
  0017241performance2majornew2014-04-23Mantis 1.2.17 is very slow by update, insert new bug and delete
  0017240db mysql1majornew2014-04-23mantisBT very slow
  0013443api soap5minornew2014-04-23mc_issue_get_access
  0017236api soap1minornew2014-04-23Support exposing some configuration anonymously
  0007721bugtracker17featureacknowledged2014-04-23ITIL compliance
  0010210feature5featurenew2014-04-23"Lightbox" support
  0016850customization4minorresolved (mantishub)2014-04-22Add config folder for customization files
  0016446api soap1minorresolved (mantishub)2014-04-22Merge MantisConnect configs into MantisBT standard configs
  0017184api soap1minorresolved (vboctor)2014-04-22Anonymous authentication to soap api
  0003444feature24featureconfirmed2014-04-22Add user groups to streamline user management
  0017176html5minorresolved (dregad)2014-04-19Add the possibility to define the x-ua-compatible meta
  0017233api soap minorresolved (vboctor)2014-04-18Fix the license in the SOAP API file headers
  0017234email2majorresolved (atrol)2014-04-18Email notification is not functional
  0017172custom fields3crashresolved (atrol)2014-04-18Crash when reporting issue with custom field enabled.
  0017179performance2minorresolved (atrol)2014-04-18slowness in access in the issue
  0017229tools featureassigned (rombert)2014-04-17Ensure that all tests are executed on Travis
  0017228authentication9majorresolved (atrol)2014-04-17Trying to get Mantis to work with Active Directory
  0017189api soap4blockassigned (grangeway)2014-04-17mc_projects_get_user_accessible() produces a mysql error
  0006604feature2trivialacknowledged2014-04-17Update form allows for modifying issue to a non-sensical state
  0016422installation3minorresolved (vboctor)2014-04-16Install.php should direct people directly to manage_proj_create_page.php
  0017185api soap1minorresolved (mantishub)2014-04-15Read-only access via soap api should be available to VIEWER level
  0017186mobile1minorresolved (mantishub)2014-04-15Remove $g_mantistouch_url in favor of MantisTouchRedirect plugin
  0007623db mssql12minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-15Can't store binary files into MSSQL database / can't attach files to bugs
  0017224email2crashresolved (atrol)2014-04-15blank page after case update
  0017223authentication featureresolved (atrol)2014-04-15two possible authentification
  0005637feature10featureconfirmed2014-04-15Project based email notification setting
  0003823email3featureassigned (grangeway)2014-04-15Send Mail to all users/access level/projects independent of a bug
  0017221email1majorresolved (atrol)2014-04-14email notifications not going when new issue created
  0014841customization2minoracknowledged2014-04-14Unable to customise fields shown on "change status" pages
  0017220integration1minorresolved (atrol)2014-04-14HOW TO INTEGRATE GRAVATAR WITH MANTISBT
  0012328api soap5majoracknowledged (rombert)2014-04-13Normalise access checks between the web interface and the SOAP API
  0017219bugtracker1minorfeedback2014-04-13Support by category in View Issues page is broken
  0008762feature2minornew2014-04-13Uncorrect categories sorting in the report issue.
  0016830news2minoracknowledged2014-04-12Remove news feature since it has been deprecated for a while
  0016851attachments2minornew2014-04-12Downloading, viewing, and checking existence of attachments should get attachment location from db
  0016383wiki minornew2014-04-12[Dokuwiki - Mantis Integrating] Missing toolbar of dokuwiki's pages
  0014720db postgresql2blockassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12install.php: INSERT INTO mantis_config_table fails
  0014070db postgresql1crashassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Error while order by userdefinied fields on "Show Issues" with pg sql
  0013210db postgresql tweakassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Adding support for PostgreSQL schemas
  0011572db postgresql2crashassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Error 401 when adding a note after upgrade from 1.1.x to 1.2.0
  0011279db postgresql3minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12With PostgreSQL filtering for a date custom field yields to an error
  0017197db oracle2crashassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12error in filter_api with date filter
  0017198db oracle8minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12limit selection required for oracle (probleme viewed at the page my_view_page.php)
  0017199db oracle majorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12db_insert_id is wrong for Oracle
  0017200db oracle3minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Array results from Oracle have uppercase keys
  0017201db oracle6blockassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Cant use Mantis with oracle9 - var binding fails
  0017202db oracle3majorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Problems when creating the Mantis database schema on Oracle
  0017203db oracle7minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Instalation in oracle Database ...
  0017204db oracle1minorassigned (grangeway)2014-04-12Indexes already created
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