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2016-08-25 21:25 EDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  002163973 administrationblockfeedback2016-08-25Fatal error: 401 in C:\xampp\htdocs\MY_Application_Folder\core\database_api.php on line 460
  0021643    uiminornew2016-08-25"Use Date Filters" date selectors are disabled when they should be enabled
  00208821   filtersminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-25Filter by date inputs are shown disabled
  0021644 1 uiminornew2016-08-25Don't offer "My Account" in menu when being logged in as protected user
  0021642    uiminornew2016-08-24Highlight due date when the date has passed
  00168692   bugtrackerfeatureacknowledged2016-08-24Change of due date background color
  0021641 2 uimajorresolved (atrol)2016-08-24Scroll bar missing
  002162212 administrationminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-24Alert messages are not styled correctly
  002160212 administrationminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-24Admin: "Upgrade your installation" shown even when schema is up-to-date
  0021640    bugtrackerfeaturenew2016-08-23Assign Group Action doesn't support un-assigning
  002112323 uiminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-23Waste of vertical space on "My View" page
  00214001   uiminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-23Collapse settings are not saved by modern UI
  00205513   code cleanupminorresolved (atrol)2016-08-23Why does user_cache_database_result() return cache value?
  00216359   administrationmajorfeedback2016-08-23Problems with corrupting database with use of $g_absolute_path_default_upload_folder = 'Files/';
  0021120    uiminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-23Unwanted changes of state of navigation bar
  0008358    emailfeatureconfirmed2016-08-22Indicate whether notes are private or public in email notifications
  002010211 uiminorassigned (syncguru)2016-08-21Support switching saved filters and free text search when filter box is collapsed
  002163812 uiminorresolved (syncguru)2016-08-21Tables in Workflow Transitions page seems deformed
  002163711 plug-insminornew2016-08-21Snippets dropdown is too close to the note textbox
  0021636    customizationminornew2016-08-21Summary by Severity and Priority graphs do not honor the customizations
  0021634    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-20PHP Catchable fatal error in error_handler()
  0021633    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-20Session id error
  0020257    bugtrackertextresolved (cproensa)2016-08-20In workflow config, better explain for status not used
  002068271 bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-20Workflow transitions not consistent with bug action "change status to"
  0021619    code cleanuptweakassigned (dregad)2016-08-20Use constants instead of hardcoded values for filter view types
  00179172   code cleanuptweaknew2016-08-20Remove magic constants in filter_api.php / view_all_set.php
  00216321   uifeatureresolved (atrol)2016-08-20Header/Banner
  00142685   bugtrackerminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-19"Report Issue" is missing if the user has access to only private projects, but has not selected a project from the dropdown.
  00216274   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-19Show report bug menu entry if allowed for any project
  00201211   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-19bug_cache_database_result does not update bugnote statistics
  00069398   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-19Number of Private notes visible for reporters
  00216052   customizationminornew2016-08-19user columns configuration precedence
  001928452 csvminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Export of the "bugnotes_count" column doesn't work
  0021613    bugtrackerminornew2016-08-18Unused pages, tables user_print_pref
  0009381    bugtrackerminoracknowledged2016-08-18Remove print_all_bug_options_page.php since it is no longer honored
  00210291   bugtrackerminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Trigering a DEPRECATED error from the page body fails
  00147094   custom fieldsminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18In the filter page, the customized fields are resets without any reason
  000380321   filtersfeatureassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Provide a way to update a saved filter
  0021630    code cleanupminornew2016-08-18Move into core API logic for bugnotes count
  0021629    code cleanupminornew2016-08-18Move into core API logic for attachment count
  00216102   bugtrackerminorassigned (cproensa)2016-08-18Revert to multiple form security tokens per page
  00127422   documentationmajorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-18Event & Plugin documentation is bad & outdated
  00095354   administrationminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-18Email configuration - "Who can change notifications" doesn't work
  00104922   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-18Specific description makes bug view page slow and displays without showing the description
  00216261   plug-insminorresolved (atrol)2016-08-18Linked Custom Field from Category
  00116291   bugtrackerminorresolved (cproensa)2016-08-18Edit facility on issues is unavailable if there are mixed permissions
  0021611102 securitymajorresolved (dregad)2016-08-18CVE-2016-6837: XSS vulnerability in view_all_bug_page.php
  002162521 custom fieldsmajorresolved (dregad)2016-08-18Move Up Custom Field
  000346082 custom fieldsminornew2016-08-18Custom Fields tab sequence
  001080011 htmltweakresolved (dregad)2016-08-18Tabindex of "custom-fields" in "bug_change_status_page.php" contra no tab-order in original mantisbt-fields