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0005151mantisbtadministrationpublic2021-05-19 04:27
Reporterstaszkiewicz Assigned Todregad  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.19.2 
Target Version2.20.0Fixed in Version2.20.0 
Summary0005151: Can't update user's project-specific access level

The problem is when I want to change some user's account level (e.g. from updater to manager) I first have to delete the user from the project and then add the user with the other level of permissions. It's not a very big problem but I think it is worth of modifing since it would be simplifing administrator's job and I think it's not difficult to modify this feature.

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has duplicate 0009717 closed managing users to allow edit of role/perms instead of remove and re-add 
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2005-06-14 17:53

reporter   ~0010525

Can you retest this in a later version of Mantis? I believe that you can change the user's access level through the Manage Users page.



2005-07-13 08:07

reporter   ~0010751

I believe the original question was about a user that has been added to a project, not a user account access level as your note suggests.

With 1.0.0a3, I can get to Manage Users only if I am an administrator, and once there I can edit the user's account access level, but when I add them to projects they have another access level which can only be removed, not edited.

Similarly, if I am managing a project as a manager, I can add users using Manage Projects but I can only remove the added users and add them again. I cannot edit their access level without removing them.

This actually is a minor concurrency issue. If you are forced to remove the user for a short time, and the user is actively working on issues, they may lose access temporarily and complain that mantis was unreliable or had a bug (which of course they can no longer reproduce).



2005-07-13 17:22

reporter   ~0010763

You are correct. We need an "Update" button beside the "remove" one.



2013-08-29 05:45

reporter   ~0037949

I've had the same problem. And I've build a plugin that replaces the access level string by a dropdown menu to change the access level. On change an ajax call sets the new value in database (it deletes user and set the new access level).

You can find my plugin on github:



2019-01-23 18:05

developer   ~0061287


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master e5049441

2019-01-19 02:20


Committer: dregad

Details Diff
Improve project users manage page

Improve Project edit page, user management.
Add js functionality based in list.js with pagination, sorting and
Allow the staging of changes for modifications in access level and user
removal, within the user list.
Changes are applied as a whole and can be reviewed and validated after
form submission.

Fixes: 0005151
Affected Issues
mod - core/prepare_api.php Diff File
mod - core/project_api.php Diff File
mod - css/ace-mantis.css Diff File
mod - css/default.css Diff File
add - js/manage_proj_edit_page.js Diff File
mod - lang/strings_english.txt Diff File
mod - manage_proj_edit_page.php Diff File
add - manage_proj_user_update.php Diff File

MantisBT: master ef311984

2019-03-08 12:15


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Follow-up fixes for improved manage project users page

- Adjust column width
- Fix js error on empty section
- Fix misplaced div

Pull request
Commit 3753aa8943445ceb5a795ce5251280787e639b3a

Fixes 0005151
Affected Issues
mod - js/manage_proj_edit_page.js Diff File
mod - manage_proj_edit_page.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 8eeb25ff

2019-04-16 07:27


Details Diff
Add optional $p_link param to print_user()

In 2.20.0, prepare_user_name() received a new optional parameter to
allow username to be printed as-is without making it an HTML link (see
commit e504944145090f74a16f11688ec84238243aa2d8, issue 0005151).

It makes sense that this capability is extended to print_user() API.
Affected Issues
mod - core/print_api.php Diff File