0024241: [markdown] $g_html_valid_tags are not rendered if Markdown is enabled (dregad)
0024628: [markdown] When i have markdown enabled quotes are messed up (dregad)
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0021908: [security] Weakened security headers in 2.0.x
0012677: [administration] Please change a search option to manage users
0021694: [ui] inconsistent presentation of required fields
0021712: [filters] No way to filter "negative" for checkbox custom fields
0022104: [ui] My View Page layout misses some boxes
0020307: [printing] Print issue page needs to adjust formatting for tags and relationship handler (vboctor)
0020540: [attachments] Implement upgrade step to cleanup corrupt disk attachments after db->disk conversion (dregad)
0020431: [db schema] Use utf8mb4 charset for new MySQL installations (dregad)
0020577: [plug-ins] Consistent use of EVENT_UPDATE_BUG_DATA (cproensa)
0020874: [ui] Content Security Policy blocked embedded images added by Chrome Extension (vboctor)
0022408: [custom fields] Custom field's value logged as changed in history, when it wasn't changed (dregad)
0022464: [custom fields] Loose type comparison can prevent custom field update (dregad)
0022839: [authentication] Deprecate MD5 login method and replace with BCRYPT hash (dregad)
0017577: [performance] Improve print_user_option_list() performance (dregad)
0019964: [authentication] Wrong anonymous rights application (dregad)
0022840: [authentication] Don't expire user sessions when updating password hash after login method change (dregad)
0022841: [authentication] Don't truncate password when it exceeds db field size (dregad)
0024036: [email] Upgrade PHPMailer to 6.0 (dregad)
0024188: [ui] Update issue history code to display user names via standard APIs (atrol)
0024643: [ui] bug_actiongroup and custom bug_actiongroup don't provide the same user experience when displaying error message (dregad)
0024644: [ui] Footer displays behind sidebar on bug_actiongroup.php (dregad)
0024633: [bugtracker] Late error message when trying to resolve issues (atrol)
0023336: [html] Inline image attachments should have their own container to prevent scrolling (atrol)
0024635: [authorization] Wrong box visibility on My View page (atrol)
0024632: [tagging] Tag cannot be selected if a tag containing the text of that tag has already been selected (atrol)
0024616: [relationships] relationship visibility in different project permission (atrol)
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