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0022598mantisbtapi restpublic2017-04-01 00:13
Reportervboctor Assigned Tovboctor  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.2 
Target Version2.3.0Fixed in Version2.3.0 
Summary0022598: REST API Framework
  • RESTful API with JSON payloads for requests and responses utilizing Slim Framework.
  • Authentication no support for username and password. API tokens are the authentication mechanism.
  • Enable use of API from web UI As we move more towards javascript calling into backend enable JS to call into REST API via cookie based auth. If cookie authentication is used, it will work even if access to REST API is disabled.
  • Enable plugins to publish their own APIs/routes - It should be easy for plugins to extend the REST API with their specific APIs.
  • Support for Swagger and Swagger UI (see example) - use of swagger provides API meta data, ability to generate client code in all languages, and a web UI to play with the API.
  • Time for Breaking changes - Since this is a new API, we can do breaking changes like removing deprecated functionality, fixing in-consistencies (e.g. sometimes returning a user object and sometimes a user id), dropping username/password support, etc.
  • Re-use of code between SOAP and REST - avoid duplicate logic. Eventually deprecate SOAP.
  • Based on proven framework (Slim Framework) - get a bunch of powerful functionality and a proven framework.
  • Use Composer - It's about time we start transitioning to Composer for new dependencies.
  • Private/Internal API - Created a route group /internal for APIs that are private to the web UI.
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parent of 0022599 closedvboctor Use composer to pull in dependencies 
parent of 0022600 closedvboctor Enable plugins to publish their own REST APIs 
parent of 0022601 closedvboctor Support using REST API from Web UI Javascript 
parent of 0022602 closedvboctor Provide a sandbox for interacting with REST API using Swagger UI 


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