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0017397mantisbttimelinepublic2015-01-27 19:21
ReportervboctorAssigned Tovboctor 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.17 
Target Version1.3.0-beta.1Fixed in Version1.3.0-beta.1 
Summary0017397: Add timeline to My View page

Add the last week worth of activities to the My View page with the ability to navigate to previous weeks. I've an implementation for which the screenshot is attached.

I already implemented the following events:

  • issue created.
  • note created
  • monitor
  • unmonitor
  • tag added

A lot more can be added, but the goal is to get the feature core done first.



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2014-06-01 00:58


timeline.png (183,570 bytes)
timeline.png (183,570 bytes)


2014-06-01 01:18


timeline2.png (150,068 bytes)
timeline2.png (150,068 bytes)


2014-06-01 01:19

manager   ~0040679

I've added a second screenshot with some improvement in look 'n' feel.



2014-06-01 02:20

manager   ~0040681

Added the following events:

  • issue assigned to self.
  • issue assigned
  • issue resolved
  • issue closed
  • issue reopened


2014-06-01 04:26

reporter   ~0040682

Can we get 1.3 done, then focus on new features and redesigning the UI with a 'plan'

Personally, in the future I'd see the my view page with as a dashboard that people can customise what appears on boxes etc, and therefore we should keep the boxes in the same style.

Re-designing the UI across the whole of Mantis is something we should focus on after 2.0.

We need to get 1.3 shipped, do a followup 2.0 within a Month of 1.3, and then move the focus onto implementing features ( we are already waiting on 1.3 and 2.0 to get shipped so we can look at email notifications )



2014-06-01 22:24

manager   ~0040711

Here is the associated pull request:

@grangeway, just saw your comment above. This feature is not about redoing the UI, but it is about adding a useful feature that is missing from MantisBT, but available in all competitor bug trackers. I thought I would share this and we can discuss as a team the right time frame for it to get int.

I personally think that given the simplicity of the feature, it can be a nice 1.3 feature. However, if the team wants to hold off on it, I don't mind either. Let's see what others think.



2014-06-02 04:07

developer   ~0040712

I rather like the feature and think it would be quite useful, and considering the low impact it has on the codebase, worth adding to 1.3 scope.

I would second @grangeway with regards to allowing users to customize their "My View". While this is a nice-to-have and probably not mandatory for the initial release, need to make sure that we plan ahead to avoid having to rewrite everything in the future.

Maybe we can treat the 'Timeline' box like one of the existing, bug-listing ones ? At the moment, especially if there is not a lot of activity to display, the page looks a bit awkward with all the bug list boxes vertically on the left, and a lot of wasted screen real-estate on the right.

More tactical and detailed comments in the pull request.



2014-06-02 04:22

developer   ~0040714

Another idea: allowing users to customize the period (hardcoded 7 days now) via preferences page



2014-06-02 12:51

manager   ~0040721

@dregard, the feature is designed in a way where it can be included as a div in any page and layout be adjusted via css work. So it is very easy to revisit as part of making My View page more flexible.

If an instance is being used at all, then it is likely that if timeline is empty, the bug boxes will be empty as well. Specially if we provide a configuration option to tweak the number of days to be included in the timeline view.

As for adding the user preferences, I was wondering if we should be able to add preferences without requiring schema change (similar to how we can add configs). I would rather add a preference then, but I'm OK with adding a default config option for number of days.

Once the feature is in, we can iterate on improvements that build on it. I've already applied all your review comments with the exception of the config option. Let me know if you want that, and I will add it.

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MantisBT: master 939ffe34

2014-06-09 21:15:24


Details Diff
Fixes 0017397: Timeline Feature

This feature provides users with the ability to know what is going on by co-workers and customers. It provides a timeline view of actions with ability to jump to the affected issues for more details.

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