Auto Response and Conversation

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Auto Response and Conversation

Post by theninjaz »


I have a few questions regarding EmailReporting plugin.
I've tried searching them before creating this topic, but could not find a clear answer to my questions.
I sincerely apologize if these questions are duplicated.

Questions :

The customer Tom, does not have a registered account in Mantis.

#1 : Auto Response
1) An customer, named Tom, with (with no registered account in Mantis) emails an issue to a project support helpdesk @
2) Mantis receives the email and creates the issue in the corresponding project
3) Mantis replies Tom with to, with the subject header as the issue ID, stating that the issue has been created in Mantis, and this is the issue ID.

With this plugin, is it possible to set up an auto-respond with the issue ID to the reporter who sent it via email?
If so, what configuration settings do I need to do?
Otherwise, what are the other possible available options I can attempt to make this functionality work?

#2 : Conversation (Following next from #1)
1) Developers can continue updating the issue to Tom via adding Notes in the issue created. Tom will then receive an email notification @, which shows the developer response to him.
2) Similarly, Tom can respond back to the developers via the email received, and it will be added as Notes in the original issue created.

Similarly, is it possible to have a conversation with the developers after the issue is emailed in?

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Re: Auto Response and Conversation

Post by SL-Gundam »

Its required that Tom has an account for this to work
EmailReporting can create this account

The emails sent to Tom will be the standard MantisBT notification emails
For this to work properly you would need to enable ... eceive_own (either global or only for EmailReporting)

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