Released 2016-10-30
0021804: [html] Ampersands in Gravatar urls are not escaped properly (dregad)
0021802: [sql] Attempting to auto-link very long numbers can cause database errors (cproensa)
0006448: [filters] The "Changed(hrs):" filter label is confusing: change to "Hilite Changed(hrs):" (cproensa)
0021197: [filters] Hide status show"@0@ (And Above)" when press any "total" link from Summary page (cproensa)
0021737: [other] Users can't remove their real name from their account (atrol)
0021757: [documentation] Config folder is not documented at all related places in documentation (atrol)
0021793: [administration] Password reset email is sent to disabled users (cproensa)
0021795: [bugtracker] E_USER_DEPRECATED is not detected if error_reporting=0 (dregad)
0021808: [documentation] Inconsistency between Admin Guide and config_defaultsinc.php - g[show|enable]_product_build (atrol)
0021812: [filters] My view "resolved" filter has incorrect parameters (cproensa)
0021816: [other] Option reporter_summary_limit is wrongly considered on summary page (atrol)
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