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0010349mantisbtapi soappublic2009-04-20 16:182014-01-23 17:51
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Product Version1.2.0a3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010349: additions to api soap, user add, sub projects
Descriptionfor importing a lot of bugs collected in plain text files the api soap should be used to get them info mantisbt
some functions were missing, some function missed functionality

this is a request that the changes made could be included into next mantisbt release

the following changes were made (with files modified):

- new soap-api function mc_account_add to add user accounts

- new soap-api function mc_project_add_user to add a user to a project with access level

- new soap-api function mc_projects_get_names_user_accessible to get a list of projects, but in difference to mc_projects_get_user_accessible it returns only the name and id for the projects, this was necessary because the original function caused 'out of memory' errors with the required amount of >2000 projects

- possebility added to set the date_submitted via the function mc_issue_add, previously this was always set to db_now()

- error handling fixed in mc_issue_add, now it returns an error if adding custom fields have failed, previously this was unhandled

- function mc_project_add now supports to add a project as a sub project

the attached file contains a diff, a list of changes and all changed files derived from release 1.2.0a3
Attached Fileszip file icon [^] (40,192 bytes) 2009-04-20 16:18
diff file icon mantisbt-1.2.1-wepl-10349.diff [^] (16,253 bytes) 2010-05-01 16:27 [Show Content]
diff file icon mantisbt-1.2.5-wepl-10349.diff [^] (16,323 bytes) 2011-04-13 17:08 [Show Content]
diff file icon mantisbt-1.2.8-wepl-10349.diff [^] (14,962 bytes) 2011-11-04 16:01 [Show Content]
diff file icon mantisbt-1.2.14-wepl-10349.diff [^] (14,670 bytes) 2013-02-02 10:56 [Show Content]

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has duplicate 0014540closedatrol Create a account with a web service mantis 

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User avatar (0021606)
giallu (developer)
2009-04-21 02:40

Did not examine the patch (anyway, much appreciated) but I'd like to know whether you noticed/considered to use the new import/export plugin, which is included in 1.2.0a3, and expand its codebase to grok plain text files.
User avatar (0021612)
Wepl (reporter)
2009-04-21 17:45

sorry, don't know anything about import/export plugin, where can I find infos?
but if it must be used on the same machine as mantis or can't be scripted I cannot use it anyway, I need list of users, projects and depending on this have to create new users, projects
is it planned to drop api/soap?
User avatar (0021624)
giallu (developer)
2009-04-22 10:14

no, we don't drop the SOAP API, we just implemented an extendable method for exporting issues (right now in XML format) and importing them back.

To activate it, browse to the "Manage Plugins" page.

Anyway yes, I doubt you can turn it into scriptable stuff.
User avatar (0021704)
Wepl (reporter)
2009-04-27 16:49

is there a chance that the changes will go into 1.2.0a4?
User avatar (0022271)
vboctor (administrator)
2009-06-26 12:16

I've marked the issue as acknowledged with the plan to go through your changes and take some of them into the core SOAP API.
User avatar (0025361)
Wepl (reporter)
2010-05-01 16:28

attached a patch which applies to release 1.2.1
User avatar (0027024)
smcclanahan (reporter)
2010-10-14 09:07

Any update to the inclusion of this? I really like the add user to project stuff and I will be extending it today for user removal. Would be great to have this upstream.
User avatar (0028609)
adam.leyshon (reporter)
2011-04-13 04:40

I'd really love to see this come to a release soon as we'd really like it for our automated software deployment system.
User avatar (0030157)
schlauch (reporter)
2011-11-04 05:43

I also would like to see theses functions in one of the upcoming releases.
User avatar (0032473)
tifou (reporter)
2012-08-06 10:37

that this API is compatible with mantis 1.2.10?
User avatar (0036784)
vboctor (administrator)
2013-05-04 04:37

Please submit a github pull request for review.
User avatar (0036921)
Wepl (reporter)
2013-05-21 08:48

is there a guide how to provide a pull request?
User avatar (0036926)
dregad (developer)
2013-05-21 11:21 [^]
User avatar (0037165)
Wepl (reporter)
2013-06-11 17:18

have sent [^]
hope this correct as I'm not familiar with that stuff ;)

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