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0010040mantisbtemailpublic2016-07-20 17:11
Assigned Torombert 
StatusclosedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 8.04.1
Product Version1.1.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010040: Email notification from new bug report submission Message-ID headers not RFC 822 compliant
DescriptionIn particular, the @hostname part is missing:

Message-ID: <fb300c6bcd2798e89e6668479ee8595c>
Additional InformationTwo places of interest:

- email_bug_info_to_one_user (the build headers)
- or where paulr suggested in email_send: http://mantis.pastebin.com/m36a690c

diff --git a/core/email_api.php b/core/email_api.php
index 148254b..6fdf756 100644
--- a/core/email_api.php
+++ b/core/email_api.php
@@ -833,6 +833,12 @@ function email_send( $p_email_data ) {
                foreach( $t_email_data->metadata['headers'] as $t_key => $t_value ) {
                        switch( $t_key ) {
                                case 'Message-ID':
+ /* Note: hostname can never be blank here as we set metadata[host] just in only location mail gets queued for sending
+ * however as spamassasin treats a blank host part as potential spam, only include the hostname if set */
+ if ( !strchr( $t_value, '@' ) && !is_blank( $mail->Hostname ) ) {
+ $t_value = $t_value . '@' . $mail->Hostname
+ }
                                        $mail->set( 'MessageID', $t_value );
                                case 'In-Reply-To':

Which seemed to yield: MessageID: <3718723d794b4b75f14cc91587352886>@localhost

But the fix probably works with 1.2.
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has duplicate 0011123closedvboctor Duplicate Message ID Header 



giallu (reporter)

Lately, I was actually wondering why emails from this tracker was all threaded except from the initial one. It turns out not only we are missing the domain part (a mistake from my original implementation) but right now we are not even enclosing the header in brackets.
For instance, here is the header from the mail I received from this issue:

Subject: [mantisbt 0010040]: Email notification from new bug report submission Message-ID headers not RFC 822 compliant
Message-ID: ec74c04a9d43505dd7a7896163fae7c8
X-Priority: 3
X-Mailer: PHPMailer (phpmailer.codeworxtech.com) [version 2.3]
keywords: [mantisbt] email
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

It would be nice to find out when this happened; if only I could manage to improve my git-fu...


giallu (reporter)

Some updates on this. The situation in the 1.1 branch is that we are still running an older phpmailer which is setting a Message-ID regardless if we push a custom one along with the other headers, so outgoing messages have a double Message-ID header.

I originally patched phpmailer as part of 0008706, but the patch I proposed to them was never included, so when they eventually added some very similar code, we picked it up and did not notice the new code is honouring the new message-ID, but not adding anything like brackets and/or hostname.

I'm preparing a patch based on paulr code above for the 1.2 branch. What to do with 1.1 is unclear because we usually do not make big changes in the released version.


jpeeler (reporter)

I missed previously that there was already an open report for this. This issue is related to issue 0009753.


giallu (reporter)

Reminder sent to: jreese, vboctor

If we want to fix this on the 1.1 branch, we need to upgrade phpmailer. Are you okay with the change?


jreese (reporter)

Well, in principle, I would agree that since it's fixing a bug, it should be fine. However, how much more will we need to backport from 1.2.x in order to move to the newer version of PHPMailer? If it's only a small bit of effort, then I say go for it; otherwise, I don't think it's a high-enough priority fix for a maintenance release.


giallu (reporter)

My guess is "not too much", but my memory may fail...


dhx (reporter)

Please note that RFC822 is obsoleted by RFC2822. It would be best to make sure this ticket still applies to the RFC2822 spec before making changes.


giallu (reporter)

dhx: you're right, but AFAICT we still need to fix this stuff according to RFC2822


jpeeler (reporter)

Has a decision been made about this bug? I just heard a report of email notifications being filtered through a Bastion host getting rejected because of the invalid Message-ID.


vboctor (manager)

Losing notifications generates a lot of support requests, so it would be good if we can fix this in 1.1.8 branch.


rombert (developer)

This work fine in 1.2 , should we close the bug?


jpeeler (reporter)

Since 1.1 isn't maintained and it really is fixed in 1.2, then there's no reason to keep this open.


rombert (developer)

Great, thanks.

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