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2.4. New Installation

This chapter explains how to perform a new installation of MantisBT.
Start by checking Section 2.2, “System Requirements” and installing the appropriate version of required software.
Once that is done, execute the installation script. From your web browser, access
The installation procedure will go through the following steps:
  1. The script checks basic parameters for the web server
  2. Provide required information for the installation
    • database type
    • database server hostname
    • user and password
      Required privileges: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE
    • high-privileged database account
      Additional privileges required: INDEX, CREATE, ALTER, and DROP
      If this account is not specified, the database user will be used.
  3. Click the Install/Upgrade Database button
  4. The script creates the database and tables.
    The default Administrator user account is created at this stage, to allow the initial login and setup of MantisBT.
  5. The script attempts to write a basic config_inc.php file to define the database connection parameters.
    This operation may fail if the web server's user account does not have write permissions to the directory (which is recommended for obvious security reasons). In this case, you will have to manually create the file and copy/paste the contents from the page.
  6. The script perform post installation checks on the system.
    Review and correct any errors.