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2.3. Pre-installation / upgrade tasks

These tasks cover the download and deployment of MantisBT, and should be performed prior to any new installation or upgrade.
  1. Download MantisBT (see Section 1.4, “How to get it?”)
  2. Transfer the downloaded file to your webserver
    This can be done using whatever method you like best (ftp, scp, etc). You will need to telnet/ssh into the server machine for the next steps.
  3. Extract the release
    It is highly recommended to maintain a separate directory for each release. This not only avoids mismatch between versions, (files may have been added or removed) but also provides an easy path to downgrade your installation, should you need to.
    The usual command is (1 step):
    tar -xzf filename.tar.gz
    OR (2 steps):
    gunzip filename.tar.gz
    tar -xf filename.tar
    Other file archiving tools such as 7-Zip should also be able to handle decompression of the archive.
    The extraction process should create a new directory like mantisbt-1.3.x
  4. Rename the directory
    For new installations, you may want to rename the directory just created to something simpler, e.g. mantisbt
    mv mantisbt-1.3.x mantisbt