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7.2.4. Linking/Unlinking/Ordering Existing Custom Fields in Projects

  • The logged in user needs to have access level that is greater than or equal to $g_custom_field_link_threshold and $g_manage_project_threshold.
  • Select "Manage" from the main menu.
  • Select "Manage Projects".
  • Select the name of the project to manage.
  • Scroll down to the "Custom Fields" box.
  • Select the field to add from the list, then click "Add This Existing Custom Field".
  • To change the order of the custom fields, edit the "Sequence" value and click update. Custom fields with smaller values are displayed first.
  • To unlink a custom field, click on "Remove" link next to the field. Unlinking a custom field will not delete the values that are associated with the issues for this field. These values are only deleted if the custom field definition is removed (not unlinked!) from the database. This is useful if you decide to re-link the custom field. These values may also re-appear if issues are moved to another project which has this field linked.
Moving Issues
When an issue is moved from one project to another, custom fields that are not defined for the new project are not deleted. These fields will re-appear with their correct values if the issue is moved back to the original project, or if these custom fields are linked to the new project.