The beta 3 release with a bunch of performance and functional fixes and improvements.
0019992: [administration] Default page for Manage config submenu should be "Permissions Report" (dregad)
0019589: [attachments] Support adding a note + attachment in one step (vboctor)
0019945: [timeline] Timeline should take selected project into consideration (vboctor)
0019932: [performance] Load jquery from CDN (vboctor)
0019636: [signup] Update securimage captcha library to 3.5.4 (dregad)
0020002: [custom fields] Custom field value may not be purged (vboctor)
0013285: [performance] Move script inclusions from HEAD to document footer (syncguru)
0012544: [ldap] LDAP unavailability causes severe performance problems (dregad)
0017275: [email] email matching within Mantis should follow html5 standard (dregad)
0017279: [email] Email addresses validation and parsing is not consistent (dregad)
0017280: [email] Email address validation function strips characters (dregad)
0017717: [email] Update phpmailer to 5.2.9 (dregad)
0019575: [ui] Fix layout of Send Reminders page (dregad)
0019576: [security] Allow admins to disable Content Security Policy (dregad)
0019628: [email] Improve logging for email validation (dregad)
0019637: [db oracle] Checking for DB field's existence fails on Oracle (dregad)
0003874: [bugtracker] default view state for projects (vboctor)
0019638: [filters] Filtering by users throws error (dregad)
0017460: [email] Email notifications are sent in batches (dregad)
0017805: [installation] New installation page is broken if config file exists but database is not yet created (dregad)
0018015: [timeline] Refactor history_api to build timeline more efficiently (vboctor)
0019542: [custom fields] Support multi-line default values for memo fields (vboctor)
0019573: [other] Status legend on "My View" page should not depend on last used filter (dregad)
0019574: [bugtracker] Edited Issue's handler is set to blank when user has been demoted (dregad)
0019583: [documentation] Add $g_crypto_master_salt to sample config file (dregad)
0019629: [bugtracker] Error handler should catch all known PHP error types (dregad)
0019634: [custom fields] Users without write access to required custom field can't update issue (vboctor)
0019648: [authorization] Access denied when reporter re-opens an issue (vboctor)
0019649: [code cleanup] change_type is set to "close" when re-opening issues (vboctor)
0019657: [customization] Email notifications page sets default_notify_flags max threshold to 0 and min to 100 (vboctor)
0019660: [roadmap] Completed tasks are shown in sans serif typeface on the roadmap page (dregad)
0019670: [filters] View Issues page fails when a custom field is used for filtering and sorting (vboctor)
0019676: [installation] PHP notice in installer when system can't connect as admin (dregad)
0019683: [attachments] Support attaching multiple files with same name (vboctor)
0019685: [scripting] Upgrade jQuery to v1.11.3 and jQueryUI to v1.11.4 (dregad)
0019687: [code cleanup] Removed unused libraries (dregad)
0019688: [code cleanup] Update ez/Zeta Components to latest version (dregad)
0019689: [email] Update disposable e-mail checker to the latest version (dregad)
0019725: [bugtracker] bug_actiongroup_page.php does not display legend when position = BOTH (dregad)
0019726: [code cleanup] Deprecate db_query_bound(), use db_query() instead (dregad)
0019797: [administration] No users listed when using option "Hide inactive" option of manage user page (dregad)
0019838: [roadmap] Links broken on roadmap page (dregad)
0019971: [other] Misprint in strings_english.txt (atrol)
0019979: [ui] Wrong alignment on "Summary" page (atrol)
0019993: [administration] Remove link on "Manage Configuration" menu item (dregad)
0006198: [customization] Comment of custom_function_default_enum_released_versions is error (atrol)
0018048: [documentation] Installation manual refers to non existent admin/check.php (atrol)
0019881: [bugtracker] config_flush_cache() doesn't properly clean the cache (dregad)
0019900: [attachments] move attachments from db to disk very slow (dregad)
0019916: [filters] View Issues page fails when filtering custom fields (dregad)
0019927: [reports] Wrong datatype in excel XML export (vboctor)
0019943: [ui] Buggy calendar in due date (atrol)
0019984: [localization] Hardcoded strings in bug_update.php and bug_api.php (vboctor)
0020015: [documentation] Wrong variable name in administrators guide for phpMailer method (atrol)
0020016: [documentation] Documentation contains information for obsoleted option administrator_email (atrol)
0020028: [ui] In view.php, the in "Attached Files" label is not aligned with other labels (dregad)
0020042: [email] Wrong character counting in localized e-mails (atrol)
0020053: [email] Email validation fails when user email has a space (vboctor)
0020078: [custom fields] Hyperlink custom field names on manage project page (vboctor)
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