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mantisbt - Change Log

mantisbt - 1.2.11 (Released 2012-06-06) View Issues ]

MantisBT 1.2.11 is a security update for the stable 1.2.x branch. All installations that are currently running any 1.2.x or older version are advised to upgrade to this release.

This release also contains numerous minor bug fixes to MantisBT, enhancements to the admin guide and improved translations in many languages.

- 0007633: [bugtracker] Saving an edited note should touch bug's last_updated timestamp (dregad) - closed.
- 0011661: [administration] "closed issue become readonly" doesn't work (dregad) - closed.
- 0011726: [administration] Add a "Hide Disabled" filter option to the Manage Users page. (dregad) - closed.
- 0012129: [administration] workflow transition to status reopened is always checked for some status on workflow transition page (dregad) - closed.
- 0012293: [reports] Not all the categories are displayed (rombert) - closed.
- 0012781: [bugtracker] Links in the comments look broken (dregad) - closed.
- 0013542: [reports] in MantisGraph, function "Show as Table" try to open an iframe and fail (rombert) - closed.
- 0014015: [security] Users with access level REPORTER cannot delete own attachments despite allow_delete_own_attachments = ON; (dhx) - closed.
- 0014016: [security] CVE-2012-2692 Users with access level >= update_bug_threshold can delete any attachment (atrol) - closed.
- 0014105: [time tracking] Access to undefined variable in bugnote_api.php (atrol) - closed.
- 0014122: [bugtracker] In-appropriate time-out message when reporting an issue needs is shown (dregad) - closed.
- 0014155: [documentation] Add new Troubleshooting chapter in Admin Guide (dregad) - closed.
- 0014156: [bugtracker] Add Close button for Reporter if allow_reporter_close is enabled (dregad) - closed.
- 0014185: [plug-ins] Only first 100 rows of plug-in columns loaded when exporting to Excel (dregad) - closed.
- 0014191: [bugtracker] SYSTEM NOTICE: 'Undefined variable: t_project' in html_api.php (dregad) - closed.
- 0014193: [reports] in MantisGraph, function "Show as Graph" produce an unusable result, axis can't be read (rombert) - closed.
- 0014216: [administration] The filter in managed_user_page.php is not persistent (dregad) - closed.
- 0014238: [bugtracker] translation files refers a constant that is not defined (atrol) - closed.
- 0014279: [documentation] Bad layout of the Customizing Status Values chapter of Admin Guide (dregad) - closed.
- 0014260: [authentication] Unable to reset administrator passwords. APPLICATION ERROR #1901. (dregad) - closed.
- 0014272: [bugtracker] Revision history for extended info fields has wrong date+author (dregad) - closed.
- 0014273: [code cleanup] Unnecessary use of array_reverse to display bug revisions (dregad) - closed.
- 0014285: [documentation] Revamp Admin Guide / Installation chapter (dregad) - closed.
 - 0011597: [documentation] No Upgrade instructions from 1.1.x to 1.2 are available (dregad) - closed.
- 0014288: [db postgresql] Manage User not reachable due to error in PostgreSQL (dregad) - closed.
- 0014306: [administration] Tabbing is not functioning as expected (atrol) - closed.
- 0014333: [other] mantis bt switches to https from http (dregad) - closed.
- 0014340: [security] CVE-2012-2691 Reporters can update notes of other users by using SOAP API (dhx) - closed.
- 0014343: [api soap] Undefined property: BugnoteData::$bugnote_text_id (rombert) - closed.
- 0014094: [api soap] mc_issue_add project['name'] is not used (vboctor) - closed.
- 0014188: [api soap] SOAP API update function accesses undefined variable in error handling (atrol) - closed.
- 0014309: [api soap] Log all SOAP errors to the server's web log (rombert) - closed.
- 0014341: [api soap] SOAP API is failing due to PHP errors that are ignored by the web app (vboctor) - closed.
- 0014342: [api soap] mc_issue_api function calls to update and modify issues via SOAP do not check for read only issues (dhx) - closed.

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