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Issue Dependency Tree Requirements

Author: Ryan Leite Albuquerque


The idea behind this feature is to make available a new page so that the relationship between the issues can be easily visualized. The relationship between children and parent issues fits well in a tree representation.


Implementation Notes

  • To implement this feature, I wrote a new page, added a new bracket link into bug_view_*_page to call the new page, and added a new lang id to name the title page. The new page receives a bug_id and build a report of dependent issues recursively. For each row, the issue id, summary and all its versions are shown.

Database Changes

  • No database changes needed.


  • No new configuration variable needed.


  • Please provide feedback
  • Simply superb feature, Ryan. Enough for me, but just for my two cents: How about adding ordering on the columns of the bug dependencies tree? it doesn't either need database changes. It would be useful, for example, to arrange the children on a targeted release order and so on.
  • Please help!

I desperately tried to contact Ryan Leite Albuquerque on various channels to get a copy of the Mantis plugin described here. With no success. The feature looks very promising if Mantis is used for basic task planning activities. Can anyone provide me with a copy of this plugin?

Zonix 2012/01/17 07:19

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