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"Error 13 Permission Denied" When Adding a Note with an Elapsed Time

Posted: 30 Mar 2022, 18:23
by MattMiller
From the Issue Details page I scroll down to the Add Note section, enter the note to describe the work I did on the issue, and also enter the elapsed time I spent doing that work. When I press "Add Note" to submit the new note I get "Error 13 Permission Denied." How can I use this area of the Issue Details page to enter a new note along with an elapsed time?

As a workaround I can use the main Edit button on the Issue details page to bring up the main edit page for the issue, and from there I can add a note with an elapsed time. The "Permission Denied" error seems to come only from using the "Add Note" section of the Issue Details page, and only when including an elapsed time.