How to install Mantis with SQL Server

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How to install Mantis with SQL Server

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Hi everyone,
I had some problems installing Mantis with SQL BD.

Microsoft SQL Server 11.0.2100.60
PHP 7.3.30
Mantisbt 2.25.2

I created a new BD named mantisbt on SQL Server and I configured ODBC Connector.
When I try to configure the BD on Mantis Install, that shows me the errors bellow:

Checking Installation
mssqlnative extension not installed
Setting Database Type GOOD
Checking PHP support for database type BAD
database is not supported by PHP. Check that it has been compiled into your server.
Checking ADOdb Library version is at least 5.20.2 GOOD
Setting Database Hostname GOOD
Setting Database Username GOOD
Setting Database Password GOOD
Setting Database Name GOOD
Setting Admin Username GOOD
Setting Admin Password GOOD

How can I configure Mantis with SQL? :(

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