Help- is the time here ?

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Help- is the time here ?

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I currently have 4 mantis of different species , really enjoy keeping them!

My oldest Lucinda (she’s a African mantis - Sphodromantis lineola) I got around 10 months ago. Not sure how old she was then but I’m presuming quite old as she had around 4 molts with us before she got her wings and became and adult.

She’s been an adult now for about 6 months and I’m that time has laid around 6 ooths.

The last day or so she seems really slow, although she has moved around the enclosure which is unusual. The last two meals we’ve fed her have took a while to catch and she’s only ate a couple of bites and left it.

Is there something wrong? Or is it literally just slowing because of age?

Not sure if this matters either but over the last month one of her eyes has gone completely black.

Please can I have some advice as this is the first Time I’ve had to deal with this.
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