Can not install Mantis 1.2.19 on existing database

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Can not install Mantis 1.2.19 on existing database

Post by Gucki »

I try to install Mantis 1.2.19 on an existing empty database.

This does not work. The error message is "BAD Does administrative user have access to the database?"

I keep being asked for the admin name and password, which I don't have and can't get. Leaving the admin input fields empty doesn't help. Also the checkbox "Print SQL Queries instead of Writing to the Database" does not work, as I get the error instead of the SQL queries.

Is there any way to install 1.2.19 using an existing database?
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Re: Can not install Mantis 1.2.19 on existing database

Post by cproensa »

Hello Gucki
The upgrade process probably needs to modify database structure: modify tables, add columns, change types, etc
That is only possible if the user you connect to your mantis database has the needed permissions. The upgrade process can happen in two ways:
1) the user defined to be used by mantis: has DDL permissions granted on the mantis database
2) you provide another user to the upgrade process (probably "root" or other administrator user) which have global DDL permission, to make the needed changes.

if you are not the administrator of the database host, and cant use a global administrator, you need to grant DDL permissions to your mantisbt user or ask your database administrator to grant those permissions to your mantis user, over your mantis database

As a last resort, the upgrade process has an option to only print the needed SQL sentences, instead of executing them. Then you could provide those SQL commands to your DB administrator to execute them.
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