Link Verion of one project to another

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Link Verion of one project to another

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I have a little problem. I wanna link a project-version (Project A, Version: 1.0) to another project-version (Project: B , Version 2.0).
The problem is that i have some host-applications with many plugins (each one has it's own version).


Project: MyHost (Version 2.0, 2.1, etc)

One subproject: MySubproject (Version 1.0,1.1, etc.)

I want to make a "link" between this version f.e. MyHost 2.0 contains MySubproject 1.0 and MyHost 2.1 contains MySubproject 1.1.
If it is only a normal mantis-subproject i can not check which version is in which version.

Is this possible from stock with mantis?

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