How To Convert from MySQL to MSSQL?

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How To Convert from MySQL to MSSQL?

Post by mcraig88 »

I've been having nothing but pain with MySQL as far as getting backup jobs to run. This has prompted me to consider switching to MSSQL which in my opinion has some administrative advantages.

At any rate, does anyone have suggestions about how to convert the database into MSSQL 2000/2005 format?


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Post by skibumm101 »

if administrative duties is your problem, i would look at navicat. it has some great utilities including scheduled backups

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Post by mcraig88 »

That doesn't look open source (ie. free). The only reason I'm using MySQL is due to it's cost. We already have MSSQL 2005 in house, so adding another db is free.

Thanks for the idea though.

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Post by hhetland »


Just converted from mysql using the mysql odbc connector and copying table by table in SQL Server Management Studio.

No big issues, but it's important to remeber to allow for "identity inserts" when hou select the table to insert to.

1. install Mantis with SQL server
2. install mysql odbc connector
3. setup a odbc connection in Data Sources under administrative tools
4. use that connection when selecting source database
5. copy table by table from mysql to sql server

I have one issue and that is that dates is not displayed correcly in mantis. Guess it's a small issue.

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Post by vboctor »

I've created a wiki page for this. I would appreciate if we put some more details into the Wiki page and make sure the steps are details and clear. It would help to have some screenshots and step-by-step guide. ... l_to_mssql

Once a user is logged into the bug tracker (, the user is automatically logged into the Wiki with ability to edit existing pages.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: How To Convert from MySQL to MSSQL?

Post by timmi »

Sorry, I didn't get the last 2 steps.

Where do I have to select the odbc connection as source db?
Inside the MS SQL Server Management Studio? If yes, where can I connect to odbc sources there?

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