Mantis port for XOOPS

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Mantis port for XOOPS

Post by nobu »

We are ported Mantis 1.0 for XOOPS.

You can get archive:
[tgz] mantis4xoops-1.0.3.tar.gz (1.53M bytes)
[zip] (1.88Mbytes)

You like build module your self form original mantis. There is build-kit
mantis4xoops-1.0.3-build.tar.gz (146Kbytes)

19883d12a480ed399fa9372699398603 mantis4xoops-1.0.3-build.tar.gz
a6be2c5fc7c4c9beabaee595170f04d9 mantis4xoops-1.0.3.tar.gz

Have a fun, And thank you mantis developers.
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Great Project!

Post by FlyinFish »

Thanks nobu, this is really saving me a bunch of time!!

I shall come up with some feedbacks after playing around with it.
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