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Locked users

Post by Olaf123 »

Sometimes my dear super smart colleagues lock themselves out of their Mantis accounts. Mantis locks them out before the LDAP server does, so I have to reset their account. Because our network has many weird hiccups, people do not always ask for a reset. Thus I want to check for locked accounts from time to time. Unfortunately, the user management page does not show any information about this. Only if you know a user is locked you can actually select the user and unlock the account. I checked the database but there is no "lock" flag. Just the failed log in count. Now given how Mantis deals with this, any user with a failed login count of more than 0 has probably issues. So I think it would be of great help to have the failed login count available in the user management list. Is there a simple way of doing this or do I/others need to modify the Mantis code.

I appreciate your thoughts on this.
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Re: Locked users

Post by atrol »

I implemented display of failed_login_count some while ago, but did not succeed in convincing the MantisBT admin to get it merged.
For the changes see
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