How to keep my_view sections closed?

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How to keep my_view sections closed?

Post by mushu »

Mantis 2.25.2
Windows Server 2019
The previous versions of Mantis seemed to always keep the My View sections closed when closed and open when opened, such as Unassigned, Resolved, Monitored By Me, but lately I've noticed they never stay closed and I wonder what I did to break that?

How is that stored, is it done by browser cookies? So If I disable 3rd-party cookies will that stop working? I guess I need to know the method used to keep those frames "sticky" so i can figure out what I changed on my computer to break it.
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Re: How to keep my_view sections closed?

Post by cas »

Check out function is_collapsed() and collapse_cache_token() which both you will find in collapse_api.php :mrgreen:
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