Unable to send email for new users

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Unable to send email for new users

Post by ron2381 »

The Bug DB is having issues sending email.

No email get sent, including new user registrations.

When a try and register a new user Apache hangs and I have to reset Apache, then bunch of bug emails get sent to everyone. But not the new user email.

Sent emails are being sent it's not a issue with actually sending the emails.

If I run send_emails.php from the command line it hangs. It never gets past the line.

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require_once( dirname( dirname( __FILE__ ) ) . '/core.php' );
I have send_emails.php in my crontab but given it hangs might be why emails are not being sent.

The main issue is I have no way to add new users. As an admin I can't set their password so the only way is via the new user email, which is not being sent.

I don't care much about sending email but I need to add new users.

Mantis version is 2.24.3 running Apache on Ubuntu
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