Keeping track of sent emails

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Keeping track of sent emails

Post by badfiles »

In my current setup I have bug-id excluded from emails subjects with custom-subject plugin long ago, so to start testing this plugin I had to make some changes.
I tried to search for bug-id in preprocessed reply body (simply parsing the found link to the bug),
but both ways I consider unreliable as a reporter might exclude bug-id from message body or subject even by accident.

I suggest to keep track of each sent notification (get bug-id -- message-id pair from mantis).
To implement this I had to patch mantis core adding a simple signal. You may check out the patch here ... e55a9c55d1

It's pretty easy to guess what changes I made to the plugin to process the signal. Above that I search for bug-id in the database in the first place.

Let me know if this is a useful feature, so we might try to implement it in future release version.
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Re: Keeping track of sent emails

Post by SL-Gundam »

This would only apply to MantisBT notification emails.
The addition of this feature would be based on how willing the MantisBT team is in implementing this code. If they are not willing then we are dead in the water with this one.

Even if they would implement it, it would probably be targeted for 2.0.x or even more likely 2.1.x

I suggest you take your patch up with them. If successful we will implement it in the EmailReporting code
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