Status Changes without Note Add or Assignment

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Status Changes without Note Add or Assignment

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There are a limited number of status changes that automatically issue an email notification regardless of mail configuration settings. This is a bug with Mantis as far as I can ascertain.
Changing a status to New or Closed will trigger an email notification to Handler, Reporter, Bugnotes etc - depending on notify_flags.
Changing a status to any customised status will not. Changing a status to Assigned will not.
There is no problem with email notifications when a note is added or the ticket is assigned away from the current assignee.
However, if you add a note and do not re-assign, no email will be sent for customised status or Assigned and ? others.

Does anybody have any further clarification on this - or a way to resolve. My requirement is to trigger an automatic email reply when the issue is received by the helpdesk. But there is no requirement to reassign.


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