Sub forms per request

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Sub forms per request

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I'm curious if this is built in somewhere and I'm just not seeing it.

When creating the forms, there is only 1 'bug' form and from there you make many sub forms, in sub categories.

What I'd like to do is make 1 form, with a dropdown that allows you to choose your bug, then from there the form will provide the appropriate fields to fill out by the requester.

Does this make sense??


Bug form:

Request - New employee

- Name, email, phone extension, and so forth.

Request - Project Request

- Type of project, date of project and so forth.

As it stands, you see the heirarchy in the top right hand corner of mantis, which is great, but other then using the same bug form with most of the same fields, is redundant. Not all bugs need the same fields.

Would I need to create a 'bug form' for each different style of bug and link it in?
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