Identify custom fields in generated html

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Identify custom fields in generated html

Post by federico » Apr 24, 2019 5:18 am


For security reasons, I need to connect to an external service to find some information related with a custom field for some type of issues (projects). I am trying to write a jQuery plugin that identifies the custom field in the html, and performs an ajax call to the data source service to show a tooltip to the mantis user, as the simplest way, but I found, not every HTML renderization of the custom field I need is identificated in the html (fields for writing are identified, but labels are not).

Is it a good strategy to integrate mantisbt with external systems? Are there security considerations?

Is there easy localized points in the PHP code to identificate the renderization of fields or labels for each configured custom field in order to identify the HTML container for such fields?

Thank you in advance.

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