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Export API

Post by Jan_K »

Is there API or different possibility in Mantis to export event/message out of Mantis based on trigger ?
- someone will create bug report
- based on trigger the "bug is created" - automated message is send out from Mantis in predefined format ?
- type and conditions of trigger and message format should be custom modificable

Didnt find enough info in doc or forum so creating new topic if someone will help me to know. Tnx, Jan.

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Re: Export API

Post by atrol »

Out of the box, there is just the standard notification mechanism.
E.g. this would allow you to configure Mantis in a way that a certain access level (e.g. MANAGER) would get a standard notification email whenever someone creates a new bug report.

If you need more complicated rules or configuration of the content of the notification, you would have to write a plugin that catches event EVENT_REPORT_BUG.
For more details about plugins and the event copncept, read the Developers Guide https://www.mantisbt.org/docs/master/en ... ev.plugins
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