SOAP API, madExcept and assigning report to a user

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SOAP API, madExcept and assigning report to a user

Post by plumothy » Mar 14, 2018 7:51 am

I have Mantis set up on a server which is intended to receive bug reports whenever madExecpt catches an exception in my Delphi project. I believe madExcept uses the SOAP API for submitting bug reports to Mantis.

This works perfectly if I configure madExcept NOT to assign the bug report to any user.

But, if I configure madExcept to assign the report to a valid user then the report is not created in Mantis. I presume Mantis is rejecting the submission for some reason but I cannot figure out why. There is no useful error message coming back from Mantis.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Do I have Mantis configured incorrectly so that it will not allow reports from madExcept to be assigned to a user?

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