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Administration TimeOut

Posted: 03 Jan 2018, 17:25
by emphyrio
Hello all,

I'm new to MantisBT and am faced to a weird problem.
The "administration" timeout on the administration pages is so short that I sometime don't have enough time to fill in the form!
When I click on the Save/submit button, it says that the timeout has expired and ask me for my password.
And of course, everything I entered in the form is lost...
How can I fix that?

Thanks for your help,

Re: Administration TimeOut

Posted: 03 Jan 2018, 20:01
by Starbuck
In config_inc.php, add something like this:

Code: Select all

$g_reauthentication_expiry = 60*60*3; // 3 hour expiration

Re: Administration TimeOut

Posted: 04 Jan 2018, 14:22
by emphyrio
Hello Starbuck,

I did it. Until now, it seems to work.
Thank you very much!