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EmailReporting for multiple projects

Posted: Jan 05, 2017 9:23 am
by tipitipita
Please advise how to config the email reporting plugin if our helpdesk has single e-mail for requests for different projects?
In our case 1 project=1 customer. So it can be 100+ projects and 1000+ different e-mail addresses of our customers.
Is there the only way to solve issue - configure rules in the mailbox itself or there are any options in the plugin?

Thank you.

Re: EmailReporting for multiple projects

Posted: Jan 05, 2017 11:38 am
by SL-Gundam
There are several ways to handle this... maybe more but these are the ones i could think of with the current information
Solution 1 wrote:Create one project for new issues
Create one mailbox in EmailReporting which imports issues into that project.
Manually move issues to respective projects
Solution 2 wrote:Create an IMAP mailbox in EmailReporting
Make sure imap_createfolderstructure is enabled
Any incoming emails need to be moved to the correct mailbox folders (you can use rules if your mail server supports this) after which EmailReporting will pick them up
Solution 3 wrote:Create multiple POP3 mailboxes in EmailReporting with unique email addresses for each one. One mailbox for every project
Solution 4 wrote:Manually modify the EmailReporting code as required to get the desired result
Keep in mind that EmailReporting only cares about the sender of the email when it concerns the reporting user
The email address that receives the emails is more important in the above scenarios