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This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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Yikes sometimes i scare myself with my typos... Corrected

A signature usually only has a picture for the logo so that md5 hash would always be the same
Blocking all jpg or png files is not an option for me since users also paste screenshots in emails and sent them to me
Besides, like you said, MantisBT offers out of the box support for blocking/allowing extensions so no need to program that into EmailReporting :D as EmailReporting will check and block attachments based on that
config_defaults_inc.php wrote:/**
* Files that are allowed or not allowed. Separate items by commas.
* eg. 'php,html,java,exe,pl'
* if $g_allowed_files is filled in NO other file types will be allowed.
* $g_disallowed_files takes precedence over $g_allowed_files
* @global string $g_allowed_files
$g_allowed_files = '';

* @global string $g_disallowed_files
$g_disallowed_files = '';
EmailReporting is intended to simulate the MantisBT experience of creating tickets as closely as possible. Which means that any limitation you have when creating tickets using MantisBT should also apply to EmailReporting
So if you find a difference between the two, please consider that a bug that needs fixing (don't forget to report it ;) )
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