EmailReporting creating note instead of new ticket

This plugin allows you to report an issue in MantisBT by sending an email to a particular mail account

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EmailReporting creating note instead of new ticket

Post by sintaq » Jan 14, 2020 5:12 am


Our installation setup is like below:
Mantis v2.22.1
EmailReporting Email Reporting 0.11.0

The scenario is like below:
In our shop, we have application that send email to Mantis in order to create ticket in Mantis. We dont use API for some internal issue. The behavior is, on the first email end by this application, EmailReporting able to pickup and create Mantis ticket accordingly, say MantisID 1234

However, on the subsequent emails send by this application, EmailReporting is creating new note under MantisID1234 instead of creating new Mantis ticket. BY right, EmailReporting should create new Mantis 1235, that at least the expectation.

This behavior doesnt happens if, we manually send the email one by one via Outlook. EmailReporting able to create new Mantis per email accordingly

Please advice. Thanks

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Re: EmailReporting creating note instead of new ticket

Post by SL-Gundam » Jan 14, 2020 12:12 pm

Please activate debug mode and attach two emails sent by the problematic source to this forum thread so that we can investigate the problem

I suspect that the problematic source does not create proper unique message id's which results in EmailReporting adding subsequent notes
You can test that by turning off "Use Message-ID in Mail header to identify notes"

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