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3.4. User Signup

For open source and freeware projects, it is very common to setup MantisBT so that users can signup for an account and get a REPORTER access by default (configurable by the $g_default_new_account_access_level configuration option). The signup process can be enabled / disabled using the $g_allow_signup configuration option, which is enabled by default.
If user signup is enabled, then it is required that $g_send_reset_password is ON as well, and the e-mail settings properly configured (see Section 5.8, “Email”).
If email notifications ($g_enable_email_notification) is set to ON, users with access level of $g_notify_new_user_created_threshold_min and above will get a notification that a user account has been created. Information about the user like user name, email address, IP address are included in the email notification.