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6.2. Main page

This is the first page you see upon logging in. It shows you the latest news updates for the bugtracker. This is a simple news module (based off of work by Scott Roberts) and is to keep users abreast of changes in the bugtracker or project. Some news postings are specific to projects and others are global across the entire bugtracker. This is set at the time of posting in the Edit News section.The number of news posts is controlled by a global variable. When the number of posts is more than the limit, a link to show "older news" is displayed at the bottom. Similarly a "newer news" is displayed when you have clicked on "older news".There is an Archives option at the bottom of the page to view all listings.ArchivesA title/date/poster listing of ALL past news articles will be listed here. Clicking on the link will bring up the specified article. This listing will also only display items that are either global or specific to the selected project.