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6.4. Issue View page

Here is the simple listing of the issue report. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. "Assigned To" will contain the developer assigned to handle the issue. Priority is fully functional but currently does nothing of importance. Duplicate ID is used when an issue is a duplicate of another. It links to the duplicate issue which allows users to read up on the original issue report. Below the issue report is a set of buttons that a user can select to work on the issue.
A panel is provided to view and update the sponsorship of an issue.Another panel is provided to view, delete and add relationships for an issue. Issues can have a parent/child relationship, where the user is warned about resolving a parent issue before all of the children are resolved. A peer relationship is also possible.Below this, there may be a form for uploading file attachments. The Administrator needs to configure the bugtracker to handle file uploads. If uploading to disk is selected, each project needs to set its own upload path. Issue notes are shown at the bottom of the issue report. A panel to add issue notes is also shown.