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Chapter 6. Page descriptions

6.1. Login page
6.2. Main page
6.3. View Issues page
6.4. Issue View page
6.5. Issue Change Status page
6.6. Issue Edit page
6.7. My Account Page
6.7.1. Preferences
6.7.2. Profiles
6.7.3. Manage Columns
6.7.4. API Tokens
6.8. System Management Pages
6.8.1. Manage Users
6.8.2. Manage Projects Page
6.8.3. Manage Custom Fields
6.8.4. Manage Global Profiles
6.8.5. Manage Configuration
6.9. Monitor Issue
6.10. Reopen Issue
6.11. Delete Issue
6.12. Close Issue
6.13. Assign to Me
6.14. Resolve Issue
6.15. News Syndication

6.1. Login page

Just enter your username and password and hit the login button. There is also a Save Login checkbox to have the package remember that you are logged in between browser sessions. You will have to have cookies enabled to login.If the account doesn't exist, the account is disabled, or the password is incorrect then you will remain at the login page. An error message will be displayed.The administrator may allow users to sign up for their own accounts. If so, a link to Signup for your own account will be available.The administrator may also have anonymous login allowed. Anonymous users will be logged in under a common account.You will be allowed to select a project to work in after logging in. You can make a project your default selection from the Select Project screen or from your Account Options.SignupHere you can signup for a new account. You must supply a valid email address and select a unique username. Your randomly generated password will be emailed to your email account. If MantisBT is setup so that the email password is not to be emailed, newly generated accounts will have an empty password.