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6.3. View Issues page

Here we can view the issue listings. The page has a set of viewing filters at the top and the issues are listed below.FiltersThe filters control the behavior of the issues list. The filters are saved between browsing sessions but do not currently save sort order or direction.If the number of issues exceeds the "Show" count in the filter a set of navigation to go to "First", "Last", "Previous", "Next" and specific page numbers are added.The Search field will look for simple keyword matches in the summary, description, steps to reproduce, additional information, issue id, or issue text id fields. It does not search through issue notes. Issue List - The issues are listed in a table and the attributes are listed in the following order: priority, id, number of issue notes, category, severity, status, last updated, and summary. Each (except for number of issue notes) can be clicked on to sort by that column. Clicking again will reverse the direction of the sort. The default is to sort by last modification time, where the last modified issue appears at the top. The issue id is a link that leads to a more detailed report about the issue. You can also add issue notes here. The number in the issue note count column will be bold if an issue note has been added in the specified time frame. The addition of an issue note will make the issue note link of the issue appear in the unvisited state. The text in the "Severity" column will be bold if the severity is major, crash, or block and the issue not resolved. The text in the "Updated" column will be bold if the issue has changed in the last "Changed(hrs)" field which is specified in the viewing filters. Each table row is color coded according to the issue status. The colors can be customised through MantisBT configuration pages (see Chapter 5, Configuration for details). Severities block - prevents further work/progress from being made crash - crashes the application or blocking, major - major issue, minor - minor issue, tweak - needs tweaking, text - error in the text, trivial - being nit picky, feature - requesting new feature - Status new - new issue, feedback - issue requires more information from reporter, acknowledged - issue has been looked at but not confirmed or assigned, confirmed - confirmed and reproducible (typically set by an Updater or other Developer), assigned - assigned to a Developer, resolved - issue should be fixed, waiting on confirmation of fix, closed - issue is closed, Moving the mouse over the status text will show the resolution as a title. This is rendered by some browsers as a bubble and in others as a status line text.