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6.7. My Account Page

This page changes user alterable parameters for the system. These selections are user specific. This allows the user to change their password, username, real name and email address. It also reports the user's access levels on the current project and default access level used for public projects.

6.7.1. Preferences

This sets the following information:
  • Default project
  • whether the pages used for reporting, viewing, and updating are the simple or advanced views
  • the delay in minutes between refreshes of the view all issues page
  • the delay in seconds when redirecting from a confirmation page to the display page
  • the time order in which notes will be sorted
  • whether to filter email messages based on type of message and severity
  • the number of notes to append to notification emails
  • the default language for the system. The additional setting of "auto" will use the browser's default language for the system.