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2.2.2. Server Software Requirements

All of the required software is free for commercial and non-commercial use (open source). Please refer to the table in Section, “Versions compatibility table” for minimum and recommended versions. Versions compatibility table

CategoryPackageMinimum VersionRecommendedComments
RDBMSMySQL5.5.355.6 or laterPHP extension: mysqli
MariaDB5.5.3510.x or laterPHP extension: mysqli
PostgreSQL9.29.2 or laterPHP extension: pgsql
MS SQL Server20122012 or laterPHP extension: sqlsrv
Oracle11gR211gR2 or laterPHP extension: oci8
PHPPHP5.5.x7.2 or laterSee above for PHP extensions
Web ServerApache2.2.x2.4.x 
nginx1.10.x1.16.x or later 
IIS7.58.0Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later
Our minimum requirements are generally based on availability of support for the underlying software by their respective vendors. In some cases, we do require a specific version because we rely on a feature that is not available in older releases.


Running MantisBT with versions of the software components lower than the minimum requirements listed above is not supported.