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2.7. Post-installation and upgrade tasks

Instructions in this section are common to both new installations and upgrades, and should be applied after completing either process.
  1. Test your configuration
    Load up admin/check/index.php to validate whether everything is setup correctly, and take corrective action as needed.
  2. Delete the admin folder
    Once you have confirmed that the install or upgrade process was successful, you should delete this directory
    rm -r admin
    For security reasons, the scripts within this directory should not be freely accessible on a live MantisBT site, particularly one which is accessible via the Internet, as they can allow unauthorized people (e.g. hackers) to gain technical knowledge about the system, as well as perform administrative tasks.


    Omitting this important step will leave your MantisBT instance exposed to several potentially severe attacks, e.g. issue #23173 (if mysqli.allow_local_infile is enabled in php.ini).