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2.6. Configure your installation

There are many settings that you can adjust to configure and customize MantisBT. Refer to Chapter 5, Configuration, as well as the config_defaults_inc.php file for in depth explanations of the available options. Check out also Chapter 7, Customizing MantisBT for further options to personalize your installation.
This step is normally only required for new installations, but when upgrading you may want to review and possibly customize any new configuration options.
Open or create the file config_inc.php in subfolder config in an editor and add or modify any values as required. These will override the default values.
You may want to use the provided config_inc.php.sample file as a starting point.


you should never edit the config_defaults_inc.php file directly, as it could cause issues with future upgrades. Always store your custom configuration in your own config_inc.php file.


The MantisBT configuration files (config_inc.php as well as custom_strings_inc.php, custom_constants_inc.php, custom_functions_inc.php, etc.) should always be saved as UTF-8 without BOM. Failure to do so may lead to unexpected display issues.