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7.2. Custom Fields

7.2.1. Overview

Different teams typically like to capture different information as users report issues, in some cases, the data required is even different from one project to another. Hence, MantisBT provides the ability for managers and administrators to define custom fields as way to extend MantisBT to deal with information that is specific to their teams or their projects. The aim is for this to keep MantisBT native fields to a minimum. Following are some facts about the implementation of custom fields in MantisBT:
  • Custom fields are defined system wide.
  • Custom fields can be linked to multiple projects.
  • The sequence of displaying custom fields can be different per project.
  • Custom fields must be defined by users with access level ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Custom fields can be linked to projects by users with access level MANAGER or above (by default, this can be configurable).
  • Number of custom fields is not restricted.
  • Users can define filters that include custom fields.
  • Custom fields can be included in View Issues, Print Issues, and CSV exports.
  • Enumeration custom fields can have a set of static values or values that are calculated dynamically based on a custom function.