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5.7. Signup and Lost Password

Allow users to signup for their own accounts.
If ON (default), then $g_send_reset_password must be ON as well, and mail settings must be correctly configured (see Section 5.8, “Email”).
Maximum number of failed login attempts before the user's account is locked. Once locked, it is required to reset the password (lost password). The counter is reset to zero after each successful login.
Default is set to 5, in order to prevent brute force attacks attempting to gain access to end users accounts. Set to OFF to disable this feature and allow unlimited failed login attempts.
The minimum global access level required to be notified when a new user registers via the "signup form". To pick specific access levels that are not necessarily at the higher end of access levels, use an array of access levels. Default is ADMINISTRATOR.
If ON (default), users will be sent their password when their account is created or password reset (this requires mail settings to be correctly configured).
If OFF, then the Administrator will have to provide a password when creating new accounts, and the password will be set to blank when reset.