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5.27. Reminders

Sending reminders is a feature where a user can notify / remind other users about a bug. In the past, only selected users like the managers, or developers would get notified about bugs. However, these people can not invite other people (through MantisBT) to look at or monitor these bugs.
This feature is useful if the Manager needs to get feedback from testers / requirements team about a certain bug. It avoid needing this person to do this manual outside MantisBT. It also records the history of such reminders.
Specifies if reminders should be stored as bugnotes. The bugnote will still reflect that it is a reminder and list the names of users that got it. Default is ON.
Specifies if users who receive reminders about a bug, should be automatically added to the monitor list of that bug. Default is ON.
Enables or disables the @ mentions feature. Default is ON. When a user is @ mentioned in an issue or a note, they receive an email notification to get their attention. Users can be @ mentioned using their username and not realname.
This feature works with fields like summary, description, additional info, steps to reproduce and notes.
The tag to use for prefixing mentions. Default is '@'.