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5.31. My View Settings

This is an array of values defining the order that the boxes to be shown. A box that is not to be shown can have its value set to 0. The default is:
$g_my_view_boxes = array(
	'assigned'      => '1',
	'unassigned'    => '2',
	'reported'      => '3',
	'resolved'      => '4',
	'recent_mod'    => '5',
	'monitored'     => '6',
	'feedback'      => '0',
	'verify'        => '0',
	'my_comments'   => '0'
If you want to change the definition, copy the default value and apply the changes.
Number of bugs shown in each box. The default is 10.
Default page to transfer to after Login or Set Project. The default is 'my_view_page.php'. An alternative would be 'view_all_bugs_page.php' or 'main_page.php'.