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5.43.3. "Limit reporters" configuration (deprecated)

When the option $g_limit_reporters is enabled, users that are reporters in a project, or lower access level, are only allowed to see the issues they reported. Issues reported by other users are not accessible by them.
This option is only supported for ALL_PROJECTS, this means that it's a global setting that affects all projects
Note that the definition of reporter in this context is the actual access level for which a user is able to report issues, and is determined by $g_report_bug_threshold. Additionally, that threshold can have different values in each project. Being dependant on that threshold, the behaviour of this option is not well defined when the reporting threshold is configured as discrete values with gaps, instead of a simple threshold. In that scenario, the visibilty is determined by the minimum access level contained in the $g_report_bug_threshold access levels array.


This option option is deprecated in favour of $g_limit_view_unless_threshold. The new option will be available by default on new installations, or after disabling $g_limit_reporters if enabled in an existing instance.